Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Storm possibility

Winter Storm possibility.  I saw some talk about this yesterday and I wanted to wait a day t osee how things transpired.  This morning there is further evidence as both the GFS and the ecmwf (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) that there is a large storm heading towards Wisconsin and hitting us next Tuesday. The ecmwf is calling for more of a mix precipitation at the beginning while the GFS calls for just plain heavy snow.  We're talking 5-8 inches.

So just wait and see how this plays out in the next few days.  


Going to hear more and more about the Zika virus in the next few years as there is no cure.  The scientific community is pouring a lot of money into this and is fast tracking a cure but this could still be 5 years off.  Brazil is having a large problem and guess what, the world will be in Brazil this summer.

It's a mosquito laden virus and if a person contracts the virus, goes back to where they come from and another mosquito sucks their blood and then can spread it.   Fever, rash, pink eye and birth defects.  It's in 20 countries now and someone in Arkansas contracted it after visiting an infected country.

I say it's time to invest in companies that make mosquito repellant.


The hostile takeover of the GOP by Donald trump continues and illustrates how the GOP is failing. If the GOP can not reign in one of their own how much real power do they have?


The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is managed my an appointment by the Tea Party Governor of Michigan. In fact all power to towns are not run by  elected officials but by the City Administrator that is appointments by the Tea Party governors . . .anyway . . . Seems early in 2015 they tossed out 2 bottles of test water from Flint and because of that there was not enough evidence that the water was poisoned, so why raise any red flags. 

I Was reading a large piece about what went wrong in Flint and it was a total lack of caring by Michigan.

One sentence that struck me was "this has been one of the most amazing experiences of his life, to watch the residents of Flint become citizen scientists. “Half the water industry does not understand what these people learned on their own to protect their children,”  


Iowa - in a typical 17 hour day of TV you will see over 90 political ads.  I can't wait!!!!  sigh :-(


There is a bill going through the House of Reps in Washington literally called the “Flamethrowers? Really? Act”.  Right now it is way way easier to purchase a flamethrower then a gun. Well . . .if you can find a flamethrower store I suppose.

I'm in a GREAT mood.  I got word last night that my mom has a good chance of moving into a Assisted Living Facility and she is pumped and exited.  She lives with my brother in Springfield ILL and he goes on business trips a lot so she is alone.

This place is awesome and she has talked to many residents who love it there AND . . . .it's only $950 a month (it's church run), AND my brother is now on the board of directors, AND he is in charge of writing the pet rules as they believe pets are necessary.  

She will have a bedroom, living room and a kitchenette.  They have one really good free meal a day. 
She can bring any furniture she wants including her evil mean obese devil cat and she is so excited!  There are a couple library's and activities and it is perfect. 

THAT takes a load of worry off my chest!


Carry on