Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Are Trees Vegitables ?

A few things to correct;

I need to apologize to Mullins Drive In as I did not consider that THEIR hamburger was among the best in Columbus.  It is actually fairly decent. BUT - since they are only open during the summer I can not tell people to go to Mullins for a burger (which I would). At least until they decide to open in the winter.


Also - balderdash brought up the fact that a comment I made about how Republicans increase government size more then Democrats had no bite to it without any substance.  True - I saw some charts and read a few things and then when I went to find those charts all I could find were a few hundred pages of words and I really did not want to trudge through and basically bored myself and moved on.

From a purely statistical point of view in the last 50 years Republicans increased government with it comes to entitlement.

Lyndon Johnson(D) gave us Medicare, Medicaid and so forth but it was relatively small. Richard Nixon and Ford passed executive orders that VASTLY expanding Medicare, Medicaid.  Carter, Regan and GHW Bush slowed down how much the US spent on entitlements and under Clinton with welfare reform it actually contracted.

BUT under GW Bush Republicans pushed through new drug benefits under Medicare with HUGE unfunded liability far far greater then then Social Security.

In the last 50 years Republicans grew government entitlements 8% faster then Democrats.

Obama is the first Democrat since Lyndon Johnson to call for a larger entitlement through Obama Care.

Just sayin'

BTW - WAY TO GO COLUMBUS - the expected turnout of 200 voters crested 600 which is outstanding!  I'm so proud. High Five

Since I'm on a political blub - I took this photo 5 years ago today after sneaking to the other side of the conflict lines on Capitol grounds. 


If you missed City Council last night on TV you did not miss much.  First of all there was a small problem with getting on air and then once we were on air you were being fascinated by a talk on the city phosphorous problem.  I woke up this morning with a question. . . . . If we have a phosphorous problem (everybody now has a phosphorous problem with new EPA rules) which is being caused by farmers surrounding Columbus . . . . . why are the people of Columbus being forced to pay a LOT of money to fix this.

If this is a watershed problem for the Crawfish River and Columbus has to spend 1 to 3 million dollars to fix this . . . . I hope it's not just US that have to fork out the money. 
The Regular Council session took 11 minutes which beats the old record of 18 minutes.  The COW (Council of the Whole) contained FOUR closed session meetings so there was nothing to see.  Fire Station (moving along, thumbs up), Hydro Street (totally messed up FUBR), TIF #4 (excellent), Senior Center Director.

La Tolteca - a very very good (from people responding on Facebook)  Mexican restaurant will open March 2 where Nepoli's used to be and the Chef's Corner (Fireman's tap) is slated to open . . soon.  The places is looking good isn't it.


Who likes parmesan cheese. Well the FDA is putting the hammer down when it found that Castle Cheese Inc 100% Parmesan Cheese contained 0% parmesan cheese.  Now we find out Kraft Parmesan Cheese contains 3.8% wood or cellulose which is made to make paper - also known as WOOD.  This is not a surprise as I knew that all precut shredded cheese contained wood (to keep the cheese from forming back into a block).

So my question is - since I'm not a big vegetable lover can I count trees as a vegetable?  If I can I will buy Wal-Mart Parmesan Cheese which contains 7.8% wood.

Did you hear Paul McCartney tried to go to an after Grammy Party and was denied entrance.   I guess Tyga is not a fan? Paul was heard saying "How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit."   Tyga actually said he had no clue of this and Sir Paul was welcomed.  I guess the bouncers had no clue who he was.

Personally I have no clue who Tyga is but if he showed up at a party I was having I would let him in. It's how I roll.


Going to see Deadpool tonight. Deadpool has broken all time records in his opening.  For the uninformed Deadpool is the highest rated "R" movie to ever hit February.  His language will make you wilt and as DJ says he is "sassy" in a very humorous yet violent way.
He is pretty much the hottest comic character out there now.


I want to be a Pastafarian.  People around the nation are joining the church of Pastafarian and the DOT has instructed DMV offices to recognize colanders as religious head wear.

Seriously - this is true.

You can now have a colander on your head for your drivers license photo IF, you are a registered Pastafarian.

Alexis used to have seizure multiple times a day and Doctors could do nothing. She failed every pharmaceutical prescribed until they went to Colorado and consulted Doctors.

She started to take Medical Cannabis and is actually 334 days totally seizure-free.  The Republicans do not feel there is any room for Cannabis in today's society, no matter now many lives it can save.    

I have been following Alexis Bortell who has been battling epilepsy all her life and it truly is heart warming to see her progress.   It's working.    


OOPS - this has been taken off the table - the Water Czar can relax.

Columbus peeps - PLEASE call or email Senator Fitzgerald and tell him you Oppose AB 554 to Privatize Municipal Water Utilities. We do NOT want the Koch Brothers buying our Water Utility.  There is only one town in Wisconsin with a privately owned water utility and they pay almost double for water (can't remember who it is).
(608) 266-5660


 Nuff said for one day