Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bernie vs. Trump??

Let's start with something funny.

A girl scout set up a table next to a cannabis dispensary in Denver and sold 117 boxes of cookies in 2 hours!


Pretty soon if you go to the Nitty Gritty you will be able to sing Happy Birthday without the possibility of being sued because that song is not a public domain song.  That's right, it is illegal to  sing that song in public.  I'm not really sure how all that works and I'm not a lawyer and don't even play one on TV.  


There was some sort of voting yesterday that was fascinating. Bernie crushed Hillary in New  Hampshire, a 90% white state.  Not surprising he won but it was surprising how big he won.  It does get harder for him from here on as he trails Clinton 74% to 17% among black voters who want to continue Obama's policies.

What is interesting is how will the BlackLivesMatter voters go.  If the young voters vote Bernie how with the young BlackLivesMatter voters vote who like Clinton who will continue Obama's policies while Bernie wants to shake things up.

Bernie won because he carried the registered independents by a large margin but Clinton carried the registered Democrats.  In Nevada you can ONLY vote if you are a registered Democrat.

Basically if you like what Obama has done you voted for Clinton. SO FAR - Bernie has done everything right but it gets much much harder now but what I find interesting is his strategy.

His goal is to keep Clinton from gaining any momentum.  Its like he is playing a defense strategy.  Keep her off balance, attack her strong points instead of going after non-white voters. He is taking HER voters away.   

Then there is the other side.  sigh!  Good lord.  Until the gaggle of GOP candidates start to coalesce we will have to deal with Trump.  Bush actually had a pretty good night and Rubio had a very bad night but Bush spent a LOT of money in N.H. 

I wonder if Rubio had a John Dean moment with his repeating the same line over and over in the recent debate.

Chris Christie is toast and should give up. 


I hope everyone saw the Channel 27 feature on the Gov Lewis Mansion this morning.  

And just of the top of my head - I dislike 4K TV's.  Way way too sharp and unrealistic.  AMAZING video but everything looks fake when watching a REAL show. 



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