Monday, February 29, 2016

Comcast from Hell

First the weather - looks like 2-4 inches tonight starting about midnight.  Perhaps a tad more. This  will be a light snow that will blow around with the strong winds that will be associated with it. .


We went down to ILL late last week to move my mom into a pre assisted living apartment.  Basically a small apartment complex NEXT to an assisted living.  WONDERFUL place and she totally LOVES it.

The actual move was basically OK, of course there were some bumps along the way but it was smooth . . . until it came to hooking up her TV.  They called Comcast  a few days earlier to make the switch and everything was fine.  They had the option of having a service man come out OR just use a special automated access code and do it yourself, a no brainer.  They opted for the automated option and were told it was super easy.

Got everything hooked up and the access code did not work.  We felt like that REPRESENTATIVE commercial.

FINALLY after 10 minutes we got to talk to someone in India. She got the box to blink on and off but could not get it to talk to the TV. After 15 minutes we were put on hold.

5 minutes later another woman comes on and asked how can she help us.  WELL, we answered all the questions again but this time we needed the serial number of the receiver.  Brother reads it off and it's the wrong number. NOT the number labeled "Serial Number" but the another one.

15 minutes later she was stumped and we were put on hold for TECH Services.

Tech Services comes on and says "How can I help you" and once again we answer ALL the questions and serial numbers that are not the serial numbers and now there is a problem with the address which they can not find anywhere.

This guy has a problem accessing the box and is apologizing and my brother has now read off all 6 numbers on the box and none of them are working.  He explains the first woman 45 minutes ago was accessing the box and doing things but the tech guy, after spending 10 minutes with address problems can't find the box and he has to call another person.   HOLD

New person comes on is now on the phone and numbers are being read and she says they do not have that box in inventory "where do you get the box" they ask and he says FROM THE COMCAST STORE.

Well this is going on for another 15 minutes and brother explains that a service man should come out to fix this BS.  WELL - they can not send a service man out because this seems to not be a legal box and he has to take it back to the store, get a NEW box and create a NEW account.  WE HAVE AN ACCOUNT FOR THREE YEARS.  Well, there is nothing we can do until you get a new box.

About that time brother is getting a little irritated since they refuse to send someone out AND have now told him he has an illegal box which they got from the Comcast store AND his phone battery is about to go dead since it's been an hour and a half.

CLICK - FU Comcast.

OH - and not ONCE did anyone ask about an access code.


Everybody is watching Trump but as we saw this is the beginning of the end for Bernie and Clinton will win the nomination.  Bernie massively under performed in S.C.  The worst case was Clinton getting 65% of the vote but it seems it ended up 73% with Clinton outperforming Obama with the black vote.

Sander's needs BIG BIG BIG Super Tuesday day.

I won't even comment on the GOP (which it seems I do comment)  and I truly feel sorry for REAL Republicans who are not evil at all. I don't agree with them but REAL Republicans (as opposed to Tea Party and Trumpaholics) just have different ideas. Trump COULD win nomination

The only way a non-Trumpiteer can win is by staying in the race and HOPING there is a brokered convention. If Trump wins (which he really could) do you think that more then 50% of Americans will vote for him?  No.  And seriously, if Trump wins the nomination this shows that the Republican Party has been weakened and is on the brink of failure.  

This happens on average about once every 40 years!  The last one was with Democrats in 1972 when 33% of Democrats voted AGAINST they person nominated.

Again - fascinating.

BTW - if you think Wisconsin is in bad shape ILL is a nightmare.  $10 BILLION in the hole. They had two fantastic Republican Governors and two very very bad Democratic Governors (both now serving prison time (literally)).

So their new Republican governor is elected and his first action was to cut taxes from 5% to 3.5% and order that all unions be disbanded.

The REST of the government is run by Democrats and they say NO!  We will not even consider working on the 2016 (this years) budget unless you take that off the table.  The Governor said I will not even consider working on the 2016 budget until all unions are disbanded.    

And there we are.  No one is getting paid for anything. UWI is laying off 900 employees. The state has not paid utility bills for 4 months. The lottery hands out IOUs and State employees are not getting paid and State police are borrowing money for gas. And there has not been ONE meeting for THIS years budget yet.

Politics is the Art of Compromise. They seem to have forgotten this.


The winner of the Oscars?  Mad Max: Fury Road won 6 Oscars, more then any other film.

In Colorado a new law states that all unvaccinated children need to be reported Colorado Department of Health and Environment because they are a danger to society and public health

have a great snow storm




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