Monday, February 15, 2016

The City Without a Restaurant

My brother is stopping by for a quick visit and said we could go out to eat for lunch. It's a holiday you know (is it?).  Holidays have a new meaning when you are pretty much retired.  Where can we go for a meal.  Yea we have the old standbys but really nothing unique when you think about it unless you are thinking bar food.

Nothing wrong with bar food but I have yet to see a decent hamburger in Columbus and I think I have tried them all.  The best closest burger is at The Bell  on "D" (awesome food there).

The GOOD thing is that we have some places opening up in the near future.  A new Pizza place next to Motoclassico and a Smokehouse in the old Firemans Tap.  So there is hope in the future.

OH - for all of you that watch City Council. Not much happening, we have FOUR closed sessions going on and a phosphorus presentation.

Hydro Street happenings
Fire Station space
new TIF #4 activity
Senior Center Director, which hopefully will be less controversial then the Supreme Court nomination.

I was never a fan Scalia but let us remember that he was a conservative that met ZERO opposition from both parties even though the left new he was right leaning.

So when the Right wants to take back the country because the left is messing with the constitution . . . . it is the Right that now wants to ignore the constitution.  They are saying a Presidents term only last three years, not four.

One thing the GOP is doing is a huge gamble. The person Obama wants to nominate is actually not so bad for the GOP and they know it.  But since they are against ANYTHING Obama does they would rather wait and HOPE the GOP wins the Presidency.  Of course if Clinton or Sanders (worse for them) wins AND the left takes over the Senate then we will have a far left leaning Justice instead of a moderate which leans slightly left but does not want big change.

The GOP does like to gamble with Americans by saying they don't care WHO is nominated, if it comes out of Obama's mouth, ignore.

And then there is Walker.

When he crushed all the unions his promise was they all workers rights are fine because they are protected by the Civil Service.  Well, at least until he gets rid of Civil Service I GUESS.

OH - want HIGHER water bills?  The Republicans are passing a bill so that outside companies (Koch Brothers) can buy your water companies and make them for profit private companies. We have one such privately owned water works in Wisconsin and their water bill is about twice what ours is.

But it creates jobs and makes government smaller, who cares if we pay more for water right?

OH - BTW - in the last 40 years Republicans actually increase government size faster then Democrat's, a little known REAL fact that seems to be ignored.


The Lottery.  Out of curiosity I purchased 9 different lottery tickets to see the odds and what is actually the best way to toss money into the garbage.

In a casino the BEST games have about a 98% payout.

The Wisconsin Lottery are all in the 50% range

Well, the BEST is the Pick 3 and Pick 4 as the winnings are all pretty much the same and you won't change your life but you have a chance to win $2,500 with a 1:10,000 chance.

The BEST if you want to have a chance of life adventure is Badger 5 when the jack pot hits about $50,000. Stay away at least until then. SuperCash is not BAD because you can still win $250 with a 1:1000 chance and $350,000 in a 1:1,631,000 chance.

STAY AWAY FROM 5 Card Cash - sort of a Poker one.  It should be illegal.

The other ones, POWERBALL, Mega Bucks, Mega Millions, you will never win the BIG one and if you win the smaller one . . . OBOY!  If you think a 1:913,000 chance to win $500 is good, go for it. Badger 5 it's 1:8,000 to win $500.

OH - I have won $0 on five cards so far.  COME ON POWERBALL!

Marko Rubio continues to gain support with Party Elite and Clinton continues to add endorsements. At this point 7 years ago Obama had just passed Clinton 51-50.  Right now Clinton holds a 467-2 lead over Sanders and she is pulling away.

Rubio leads a stagnant Bush 65-51, Trump and Ben Carson are tied for last with 0.

Party decides!  We shall see!