Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday musings

I've been spending time preparing for a "program" I'm giving in Beaver Dam to the Sun Catcher Camera Club tonight.  As I've been preparing I'm looking at some old files and came across a few images I had not seen for a while.

Chris Wagoner - Stellenovas
 I sold two large oldy but goody images last week.  Funny when a relic sells.

Colorado announced that it expects to raise 98 million dollars in new cannabis tax funding this year which is enough to fund their free school lunch program for the next 70 years.  Just sayin'.  But instead they will give about 30 million to the police departments to fight heroin and 30+ million to schools to fund education.  Because of their tax laws they have to give 30 million back to their residents. They are just making too much money. Sucks to be them.


This comes from Politfact and shows all politicians lie - just some more then others. 

It's looking more and more like Rubio will finally take root. And for the other side - I still don't see Bernie making any real headway.  He spent a crap load of money in Nevada and barely made a dent in the black vote.  Clinton is only a few percentage points behind Obama 7 years ago. Bernie did make gains into the Latino vote though so it's still game on. At least for 2 more weeks. 

But even if Bernie does not win he has helped the DMC by moving it farther left.  Not unlike the Republicans who are moving farther right which is opposite the norm.  Campaigns typically move towards the middle as times goes on.  

Next votes predictions:
Nevada Republic Caucus Feb 23rd Trump 39.5%, Cruz 20,5% Rubio 29.0
S.C. Democratic Primary Feb 27th Clinton 57.5 Bernie 32.0%

Then there is Jeb! 

He spend $130,000,000 and did not win one State.  OUCH 

On my to do list is a trip out to Washington DC for Water & Light for the APPA Legislative Rally/Conference.  I'll have a combined 1 day to shoot Washington before I have to meet with Ron Johnson or Tammy Baldwin.  Guess which one I would rather see.  OH - don't worry,  I'll try to not damage Columbus's reputation . . . too much. I'll shake Tammy's hand if I have a chance, maybe not Ron's though. 

Did I hear there is a brew pub across the street from the Hyatt. 


"The Mermaid" has made $420,000,000 in only 11 days . . . . in China. . . .never heard of it.


The 2016 World Series Champions the Chicago Cubs (arguably the best team in baseball) owner donated $3 million to Donald Trump's Super Pac. If you remember he donated a crap load of money to the Walker campaign the last time around.  My gut feeling is that he leans right.


Big day for the US Economy. Will have to wait for numbers to come in.  Mostly about housing. Columbus had a GREAT year in housing last year!  

Bill Gates in an interview said an energy miracle is coming soon and it will change the world. Reminds me of the Segway prediction and how it would change the world.  One talking point is about storage of clean energy from wind and sun.  How "soon" we will be able to store clean energy for longer then 24 hours which has been the hold up for clean energy.  Batteries have not really improved much for 100 years. 

But better storage is not what he is talking about.  Gates said in the next 15 years there will be an energy miracle which no one will see coming. 

Well . . . that is a pretty easy prognostication that no one will remember. 

City News - via the City Admin. 

New City Website will be up in a few weeks.  

The sale of Water Utilities to private interests (Koch Bros) has been stall and scrapped. 

Ottery Truck Wash:  Construction ongoing, looking at a May opening of the business in TIF #4.  A second development project is expected to be forwarded very soon.
Countryside Ford Move/Expansion:  Business has purchased the old pallet plant on Transit Drive between Hwys 151 & 60.  Expect to be demolishing the current building and constructing the new one throughout 2016
La Tolteca: Sun Prairie-based Mexican Restaurant is applying for a liquor license and intends to open a Columbus location in the old Napoli Restaurant, 128 E. James Street
Chef’s Corner: The catering/restaurant establishment has an approved liquor license and we expect it to open up soon.
O’Reilly Auto Parts:  Is expecting to construct a store at the property on 220 Dix Street.  A site plan review is required.
At Home Again: the Senior Living establishment is proposing to expand and construct a 2nd building on their site, at the end of Stuart Street.  This proposal was given a favorable recommendation by the Plan Commission last night and they will need City Council approval on a parking plan, which will come forward March 1.
Assisted Living:  Karl Green has also forward a re-zoning application for Plan Commission review to develop land just south of the Highland Ridge development off of Park Avenue.  The Plan Commission will need to approved their Certified Survey Map and a request to rezone the property in order to move forward.