Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter of Vodka / Trump = Doctor Will

My presentation to the Light Catchers Photo Club in Beaver Dam was a resounding success.  I seem to be able to connect with adults far better then 6 graders . . . at least that is what the exit polls are telling me.

Not that I fail with 6 graders who really love when I turn the sky from blue to purple but funny stories go better with adults.

I even mentioned Balderdash a few times in my presentation as one of the friends that I listen to with my photographs.   Every photographer has a circle of friend he bounces things off of.  Elwood is my contrarian and I go by the opposite of what he says.  DJ is my person that when I get a reaction I listen and Balderdash is the one that looks that images I have no feeling for and tells me to push certain ones out to the public and then they sell. 


Speaking of funny stories - Donald Trump won Nevada last night which surprises no one but how he won it is debatable.

He claimed in his victory speech that he proved he can win with large turnouts . . . .well . . .except it was not a large turnout at all.

He claimed he can carry the Hispanic vote . . . .well . . . not actually true and since there were literally about 126 Hispanics that voted the margin of error is fairly large.  He did not mention he has his own way of defining "Hispanic".

It's almost like he just makes things up!

His problem that he did not mention was that the people that only decided who to vote for in the last few weeks . . .did not vote for HIM.  High Floor / Low Ceiling.

The party elites have decided Rubio is their man and not the one chosen by God, Ted Cruz, who failed to carry the born again crowd again.

HOWEVER - there STILL is no real effort to attack Trump. The major conservative money is still on the sidelines  . . waiting.  Waiting for Cruz and Kasich and (seriously?) Carson to drop out. Very little advertising money has been spent attacking Trump. I'm not sure Carson knows he is still running.

Here is a problem through, a warning if I may.

Big Brother, the best, smartest pure strategy show on TV that is ranked as one of the highest IQ viewerships had a contestant called Doctor Will.  He was a doctor who was very very Trump-like.  He attacked everyone, was politically non-correct, insulted and threatened every contestant and told them that if they did not kick him out  he was going to win the game and he repeated that almost every week. Nobody liked him.

He not only won the game but came in 4th place in an All-Star series.  The contestants always waited "we will get him NEXT week".  Trump is playing Doctor Wills game.  Let's not wait too long.

I still believe Rubio will be the candidate that moves on. 


Not my mom.
We are taking a quickie road trip to Springfield to move my mom into a pre-assisted living place.  She is excited as it is a REALLY nice place and very inexpensive for what you get ($950 a month).

I'm glad allow pets!

 Illinois State House

The Winter of Vodka.

DJ and I have been on a vodka kick but we're not alcoholics (which is what alcoholics say).  No really - you get 25 shots in a 750ml bottle which is 2 drinks a week for 3 weeks for the 2 of us.

We have now tried 6 different vodkas and have a favorite.

Gray Goose - like Bose, good but overrated and overpriced - made from Wheat
Belvedere - as good as Gray Goose, maybe better, slightly cheaper - made from Rye
Ketel One - very nice and inexpensive - made from Wheat
Luksusowa - potato vodka, my favorite for a while - VERY inexpensive gets really good ratings
Pravda - I really can't remember it . . maybe it was awesome
Deaths Door - made in Madison and by far the best - a small touch of citrus which is great!  Grain from Washington Island in Door County

Next up Tito's Homemade Vodka from Texas.  I asked a salesmen for a suggestion and without hesitation pointed to Tito's.   Corn based.

I make Dirty Martini's and DJ mixes with whatever juice we have at the time.  We always try a stand alone 1/2 shot when we start a new bottle for flavor.


Traffic deaths in America were up 11.3% last year because of cheap gas.  Americans are driving MUCH more.  All that money we are saving from cheap gas is being used to buy more gas, not more things.


Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhoen ordered a $40,000 toilet for her little bum to sit on.  She has never actually sat on a toilet and took photos of them on a recent trip around Cambodia.  Only 40% of Cambodians have toilets.  I think she paid too much.


John Kasich signed a bill yesterday preventing $1 million from going to things like HIV testing, health screenings and prevention of violence against woman.  It's always good to save money on things not really needed.


Johnson and Johnson has to pay $72 million to a family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer from using it's baby powder.  She used it for 35 years and they failed to warn people about the risk of ovarian cancer.


High Fructose Corn Sugar has a new name so people looking at labels will be fooled.  General Mills reformulated it just a tiny bit so they can now say "NO High Fructose Corn Sugar".  Yet it's just fools gold, it's there, just hidden.


Some dude from Columbus was arrested for the seventh OWI and now faces prison time . . . . why seven.  Should be three!  We can bust people for a joint of cannabis and send them to jail but allow dangerous drunk drivers seven times before we get tough?

Speaking of cannabis - Today Australia legalized the use to Medical Marijuana (Marijuana is actually a slang name and meant to be derogatory)  

Wouldn't it be great to give our Police Departments a crap load of money to nail drunken drivers that make our roads dangerous and heroin offenders and then give a crap load of money to schools to educate kids about the above two. Colorado did. Washington did.


Nuff said for today.

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