Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A blog break from Washington

Washington Monument

I'm pretty sure that when they talked George Washington into being President this years election process was exactly what he was thinking would happen.

 . . . . . .actually this is a calmer election process then Lincoln/Douglass.


Weather - a few rounds of thunderstorms today.  There is a good amount of wind shear above us so I'm not expecting any REAL bad things. Maybe some large hail and so forth.  Pretty much any storm that comes our way this time of year brings the word "sever" with it.

Tomorrow there will be high wind warnings. Some predictions being mumbled about NOT publicly are gusts reaching 60mph.  But that is just under the breath verbiage (is that the correct word?) so far no one wants to come out and say that yet.

I flamed a fellow weather geek on social media the other day for taking one model and telling everybody a huuuuge cold front was coming late this week.  He was saying 10 degrees below normal and snow.  Welllll . . . .you still need to add the human element into the equation.  

Any air mass needs to roll over a warm earth, not a snow covered landscape.  There is one actual cold weather coming - more "normal" temps are on the way.

OH OH - speaking of warm weather.  On a global scale February CRUSHED the old seasonally adjusted record for warmth.  In fact the record broke a record for the largest difference between records.  But wait - the record the record broke was the record record from LAST month.

The world not only CRUSHED the last warmest record which was last month but was the largest difference between records  (did I just say that twice?) and the long term forecast calls for MUCH WARMER for the next 3 months.


To answer the baseball Trivia question.  The last "Brewer" to catch a game left handed was the always popular Jiggs Donohue who caught in 1901 (and later died of syphilis).  Except I'm not so sure the Brewers were around in 1901.  There have only been 11 catchers to throw left handed to start a MLB game since 1900.

According to Bill James Historical Abstract 2003 - The biggest reason there are no left-handed catchers is natural selection. Catchers need good throwing arms.  IF you have a kid on your baseball team who is left-handed and has a strong arm, what are you going to do with him?  

Speaking of the Brewers . . . have they arrived in Spring Training yet?  This has to be the quietest I've ever seem for news from Arizona.  Opening day is 20 days away.


The Hydro Street FUBR is just about over. We sold the equipment for a couple cases of Bud and a Brewery to be named later.   HOWEVER - that brewery, if/when it comes to fruition will be BIG and actually professional.  When I heard that the group involved had chemists, I perked up.

I brew a lot of beer (award winning but I won't brag) and taking a 5 gallon batch and making into a 50 gallon batch is not just using 10 times more ingredients. That is not how yeast works.  Ale Asylum had HUGE problems when they moved from the old place to their bigger place.

These guys have it together and when they said that they would need to brew a number of LARGE batches before anything went into market I knew they had a clue. Brewing is not an exact science. OH - they won't use plastic.

Without getting into specifics this will be a pretty big operation and NOT downtown but will be in Columbus. We're talking about 5 or 6 brewers and a 4 to 7 barrel system in a brew pub/restaurant which is big.


I post photos on Facebook. One thing I watch for is reactions and it always surprise me when something sort of takes off that I was not ready for.  One shot I took in Chinatown is getting shared a lot.  When I saw the scene I loved it but there was construction all around and well . . . . it was not AMAZING but somehow tweaked my brain so I want across the street and took a couple of snapshots.

I think this is another memory stirrer that is not GORGEOUS but tweaks something in peoples frontal lobes.  I would send them the photo but . . . . . I can't read the name of the place. If I get out to DC again I'll take a 8x10 to them.


If anyone knows the name of this building let me know!  It's the National ????????

  OH - I have just started on DC photos - it's rather daunting actually.  I've only covered the first 4 hours of a 4 day trip!  LOL

talk at ya again -

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