Thursday, March 24, 2016

Baylee, Caydance, Lori, Renee and Rick and Ben

It's about 8 in the morning which means only about 12 more hours of this mix/snow/rain combo that Winter Storm Selene is bringing us.  yummmy  We have had 0.68 inches of slush and 1 inch of frozen stuff.


The BIG news is Baylee Achterberg came into the world and Columbus grows one more.  I will order a new sign with a new population number immediately.  Baylee is 6lb 6oz and 19.5 inches (for comparison Sophie our small cat is 32 inches long from tail to toe.

Sydney, Baylee, Josh, Caydence

The most touching moment for me was with Caydance who summoned her inner strength and with a little coaxing held Baylee.  This was a pretty big deal for her as Bayle was a little intimidating.

When Baylee left her lap she was beaming from ear to ear and raised her hands in victory exclaiming "I DID IT, I DID IT!"

Mom is doing well and will be home this weekend.

Something I have been working on are new waste water grates in the curbs.  Children are getting their bikes caught in the grates and one had pretty significant injuries because the grate is right in a driveway and her front wheel caught in one when she was flying down the hill. I want the ones in driveways changed or at least turned around the other way. Pretty dangerous.

As we all have seen I've been pushing The Oilerie Sun Prairie. If you cook and want REAL olive oil and other spices this is the place.  The store runner (term stolen from the entertainment industry with their new "show runner" title) is Lori Hackman from Columbus and she will be featured in the Beyond the Tank episode March 29, ABC 9:00.  Beyond the Tank is a spin off from Shark Tank of which The Oilerie was featured.

I needed some olive oil that would not burn with the high heat of a wok and I purchased some avocado oil which was perfect AND tasted good.

I also purchased some Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Glaze which is AMAZING.  And you really need to try their 25 year old balsamic vinegar which is not expensive and I could add it to everything (garlic toast was perfect).
The Oilerie before the opening

and of course The Badger Motor Car Company was written up in yet another newspaper, The Washington Post (?) if I recall correctly.  A few weeks ago Renee Keller Weichert and her brother Rick stopped in.  Who is that?  They father built The Blue Flame which when you put the peddle to the metal can go 630 miles per hour which would give our Chief fits.

Climate Change.

The scientific community has always said if we raise the temp on our planet 2 degrees we are in big trouble.  

I had commented that we have been crushing global temps.  Check out this chart.  


Did I hear that The Wisconsin Badgers have won more games in the NCAA tournament in the last 7 (or was it 6?) years then ANY other school?  That is pretty impressive.

The ACC will make a cool $30 million which goes to the conference with the most teams that go deep into the tournament - of course the players will get nothing for this.

In the NFL a couple of big changes in rules.  Kick-off touch backs will now go to the 25 yard line. Changing the actual kick in a kick off from the 30 to the 35 yard line increased the amount of touch backs from 11% top 50% .

The other rule change was you are kicked out of the game with your second personal foul.


OH - drinking 8 glasses of water per day is a myth that comes from a 1945 study.  In a day you need to consume 8 glasses of liquid which MOSTLY comes from prepared food.  Not actual "glasses". Everything has water in it.  Olive Oil has water,  Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Glaze has water, hamburger has water.    


It happened again - some woman was Periscoping herself driving drunk.  Drinking, driving and live filming yourself doing the first two is not the smartest thing in the world.  She got pulled over.


OH - while at the APPA rally in Washington DC one woman applied to tour the Pentagon (I had never even considered doing that).  After paying the $1 fee there is a background check and when they began the tour Security told everyone to shut off and bury their phone where you will never touch it.

Security said in a VERY stern voice "If  I hear or see a phone I will literally take your phone and you will NEVER see it again".    OK!  so no camera then also?

This is the Library of Congress where they have a number of books you can check out (or leave there I guess). The only place where I had to go through security on the way OUT.

And this is where the Mayor took me for lunch which was FANTASTIC.  This is the original Chili Bowl.

Have a great day and be careful.