Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I had an epiphany at 4:00 this morning, lucky me.  It was that perhaps I was becoming MORE of a grumpy old man when I talked about national politics on social media.  Since on one hand I was singing to the choir and on the other hand I was pissing the choir off and nobodies minds are changing I will resist the temptation to post personal thoughts about the Election.

WITH THAT SAID - that does not stop me from commenting on someone NOT running for office, Chris Christie.

Chris Christie had a very bad day that on social media was pretty funny.   You see yesterday 6 of New Jerseys largest newspapers all came out saying Christie was an embarrassment and should immediately resign from office.  These are the same newspapers that endorsed him but they said they have changed their minds. 

The funny part is last night he was standing behind Future President Trump and he REALLY looked like he was in pain.

One tweet said "Chris Christie looks like a guy who suddenly isn't sure if he turned the stove off before he left for work".  Another said "Chris Christie looks like my dog when she realizes our car ride was to the vet" .  That was how he looked for 15 straight minutes.

The largest trend on Twitter was "how do we move to Canada" and oddly at that very same time the Canadian Government's website went down.  Coincidence?  

BUT - I will refrain from my national election coverage.  All I get is one vote.  I do have comments on the Whig Party but alas . . . .

I CAN talk about Columbus but I have to be careful as we have had so many closed sessions lately I'm getting confused one what is closed and what is open.  I think we are in "closed" more often then open lately.

The GOOD news is that we might FINALLY be nearing the end of the Hydro Street equipment problem.  I know a lot of people are pissed Sandye and Aaron and family up and left but frankly, been there done that.  When I was a kid my family moved around a lot . . . . not by choice.  We were poor and my parents were out of work and out of options many many times.  I know all about having to pull up stakes and leave in a hurry.  Been there, done that.  Finally my dad got a job at Parker Pen in Janesvelle and things settled down and we moved to Fort Atkinson.

Many people do not understand the true meaning of "poor".  Poor is not just not having money, poor is worrying about it every single hour and literally wondering if you can eat tomorrow.  Poor is not being able to go to the dentist when you have a tooth ache. Poor is not having shoes that don't have holes in the winter.

I'm not making excuses for Aaron and Sandy but . . . . . let's just say they loved Columbus and tried . . . and they failed. It hurt the city AND it hurt them.

Nuff said.  


La Tolteca got their liquor license and will open probably next Monday.


There will be a new oilerie opening soon near the Costco complex with a Columbus connection. This is the same company that was on Shark Tank and the owners expect to open sometime in the next few weeks.  Alderman Clark and his significant other are opening this franchise and they are just waiting for product now.  I hope they do well.

I have shopped a few times at the Oilerie Fish Creek and LOVE many of the olive oils. It's REAL EVOE, not the fake EVOE you buy in grocery stores which have been found to not be EVOE at all. There are no rules at all what you can call EVOE and most grocery store EVOE is not.

More on this new store soon (and photos).


The circus is coming to Columbus.  Not that I'm a fan of elephant abuse but they are coming never the less.  What amazes me is that they set up, have 2 shows and by 11:00PM that same night are gone.   

Construction of the Big Top 3 years ago

  I'll have times and so forth as I get them.


The building on Ludington next to the Police Station is being GIVEN to the city for $0.  Seems like a deal. We are looking into this.


A new press box will be installed on top (sort of ) the new bleachers in Firemans park.


The Aquatic Center will have a new look this year with many many upgrades. Make sure you check it out.


The Columbus Waste Water Treatment Plant team won a pretty big award, The 2015 Lab Of The Year Award from the DNR. On to the Nationals (I don't think there is one).

Columbus Waste Water Treatment - Your Poop is in Good Hands.


A Michigan Couple had their SECOND baby born on Lead Day.  Both were not by choice.  This one was 10 days late. Two babies - 4 years apart both born on Leap Day.


OK OK - I gotta say it - Florida - If Trump wins he basically wins the nomination. If he does not win, it's still game on.


Scott Kelly is back on earth after almost one year in space.   In other news, NASA will pay people $18,000 to lay in bed and smoke pot for 70 days.  That's right.  Here is the catch. You can do anything you want AND smoke pot - HOWEVER - you can not get out of bed for 70 days for ANYTHING.

There are two studies.  One is on cannabis and the other is how to get astronauts to Mars which would mean basically laying in bed for 70+ days and how your body atrophies.

Mr. Melotte Goes to Washington - next week to meet with high up dignitaries!  I In Washington DC Tuesday the high is 69 and Wednesday 74.   Here in Columbus 61 on Tuesday (thunderstorms?)  and 58 on Wednesday.

Have a great day