Friday, March 4, 2016

Mr. Melotte Goes to Washington

Weather - we are in for a HUUUGE change as El Nino comes back to life after a month off. Southern  California will finally have the drought buster rain they have been hoping for with the mountains getting 6+ feet of snow and the mainland more then 12 inches of rain and their accompanying mudslides and complaining about too much water.

HERE - expect temperatures 20 degrees above normal next week and the extended outlook calls for MUCH ABOVE AVERAGE temps for March, April and May - Below average precipitation.  Sort of rainy next week though.

1-3 inches of snow tonight.  According to statistics weather forecasting is getting better.  The seven day forecast is as good as the five day forecast was five years ago.  The three day forecast is as good as the one day forecast five years ago.


I will be in Washington at the American Public Power Association Rally for 4 days where I'll be in the 70s.  Sadly the Cherry Blossoms are still a few weeks away - HOWEVER - I will have my camera anyway. 

On a side note I'll meet Congressman Grothman, Senator Johnson (maybe) Tammy Baldwin and be still my heart, Speaker Ryan.   BUT - before all that excitement have have some time off to wander around Washington DC as my hotel is only a few blocks from The White House. 


In other news . . . hmmmmm  . . . anything interesting happen on TV last night . . .hmmmmm 

NOPE - can't think of a thing. 

OK OK - There was a debate where the main focus was on the size of Donald Trumps hands and how that size does not correlate with other parts of his body. Seriously, they talked about it and in a MUCH more graphic way then I am doing right now.  

After that it turned into a bunch of gibberish yelling and name calling.  


Speaking of TV - If you have never watched Survivor watch it this next Wednesday.  They are saying this is the most severe weather and other conditions ever on Survivor and already there was one contestant that had some bug try to make a nest in her ear and it seems there are a few pretty dangerous medical evac's Wednesday and more coming later in the season. 

I THINK that since this was filmed over a year ago now (they flip flopped a series) that they wanted to make sure no one died. 


The economy - BOOM - America CRUSHED the job report as many many more jobs were created then expected, WAY more and the 2 months revisions were updated with more then expected.   

Unemployment stayed at 4.9% which is an 8 year low. 

Viktor Krasnov, a Russian in Russia will begin serving a year in prison for saying, on the internet, that there is no God.  Russia has a law saying you can not insult religious believers.


Ben Carson is sort of dropping out of the race - HOWEVER - he might sell his donor last for $6 a name.  Yea - remember that.  If you donate your information can be sold for a nice profit.


Facial recognition equipment is being sold to retail stores at a tune to 2.8 BILLION a year so that stores will not only know who you are but also determine how you react to items.  And they wonder why more and more people are buying online (where every key stroke is logged and analysed).  It's not Big Brother to worry about,  it's Little Brother.

With that said I might be periscoping in Washington (live broadcasting from my iPhone) - yea - no invasion of privacy THERE!


I did not mention last time that the new press box that might be put onto the bleachers in Columbus is NOT permanent. They are actually shipping containers that can be removed if there is a new High School in the next 50 years.


This is seriously OUTSTANDING - it's a trailer for a movie coming out about the life of Vincent Van Gogh called  Loving Vincent.  The entire movie will be like this


Has anybody tried Burger Kings new horizontal  meat item? There hot dog?  I tell ya Kwik Trip has a fantastic dog for 83 cents.


That's it for now.  Be watching next week for photos from the dark side Washington DC where I will refrain from talking politics.   

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