Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trip part 3? or 2? I'm losing track

Columbus received 1.52 inches of rain ending 7:00AM Wednesday morning. Portage got a little over 2 inches and Madison in the 1.5 range. 


I think we might have three choices for President as it's sounding like the Republicans are going to screw Trump and change some rules.  Cruz's speech last night was not about gaining votes, it was all about gaining money and his appeal to the Koch Bros. Since Rubios delegates that he won are literally for sale I think he wants to buy those delegates.  If Trump does get screwed he will go rogue.


This is what the Washington subway system will look like today at rush hour (except without the Mayor waiting for a train) -  I am SO happy the Mayor and I did not go this week to DC - what a freaking nightmare that would have been.

Anybody remember the old TV show called the Time Tunnel?That is me on the left as the train speed up to 60.


So - my adventure continues.

Monday morning after a fitful sleep I get out of bed groggy and prepare myself for a day of wandering around DC but I'm hungry.   I have a $15 off coupon for breakfast at the Hyatt but just knowing it's $15 OFF scares me so I go for comfort food which is a McDonalds Big Breakfast (DON'T JUDGE ME) which is about the only thing I can eat at McD's.  

While there I put my camera next to me and some dudes say "nice camera" which could mean  "nice camera which will soon be mine" or "nice camera I take pictures also".

I leave with my camera so all is well.

First stop is THE WHITE HOUSE

This is about as close as I can get without jumping over two fences which after playing out all the scenarios in my brain I decide this was the best route . . stay behind both fences.  I know, I know, my normal MO is to shoot first and apologize later but . . . . . . I did not want to take photos from inside a jail.

I walked around to the front of the building and was ever farther away.  I'm in Madison so I don't have access to ALL my photos but there was a little marble block that was something about "From this point you can measure all the highways in America for distance" (or something like that - I'll have to look for that shot).

When you turned around I had a clear view of the Washington Monument in the distance so I started walking that direction.

The one thing I was learning is that just like the Grand Canyon, people can tell you how big things are but until you actually see them you do not understand. 

The Washington Monument is HUUUUGE!  I knew it was but but WOW.

 I circle around it a few times but there really is no good way to take close photo with the lens I had on.  I took one shot that was comical.

Then looking past Washington's erection I could see the Lincoln Memorial so I started walking towards it but first I came to the WWII Memorial.

I took some photos of the Pacific side for my father in law (a living survivor of the USS Indy)

 Don't forget - USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage comes out this summer. I think Jon Arthur plays Mel Jacob also know as "Marine" unless he dies then it's not.  Hey - who knows!  

 More photos of the WWII Memorial in coming blogs

And past the WWII is Abe's Memorial . . .just down the lane.

I start walking and after 15 minutes I feel I have gone nowhere - my knees are starting to hurt, I'm thirsty and my dogs are aching but I dare not stop. 

This photo is looking back at the almost reflecting pool  - it seems all of Washington (or DC as locals call it) is under construction.

This is where my brain farts and I'm so enthralled with Abe's place I forget to change some settings on my camera.  This place is HUGE!

I take a good amount of photos and decide I will not go farther away from my starting point and sit down to relax and start to solidify, becoming one with the marble.  More on DC coming.


City Council

Personally I do not believe that a person with two OWIs should be a bartender. If he or she does not have the ability to know when they are too drunk to drive should we have then serving drinks in Columbus to customers knowing they will know when to cut them off?  I think not.  My personal opinion.

We waived fees for Fireman's park for the Circus - I loath the Circus and their animal cruelty and I do not believe them for a second when they say the elephants don't mind having their legs chained so when they pace back and forth all day they are happy.   Nuff Said.

Kim Lang will be the new Senior Director.

The Chef's Corner (old Firemans Tap) will open soon . . at least the bar part with the restaurant/smoke house after. 

There are some 2 Hour Parking problems which need to be taken care of (I laugh at the 2 Hour parking downtown as I see business owners parking all day everyday in front of their business).

And don't get me started on the REALLY bad sign situation downtown that really screws any new business while pandering to established business. It's totally unfair and anti bringing in new business.    
Duffy Grain is moving their Truck Repair to other side of the Travel Center. It will employee 12-15 truck repaid specialists to the turn of $40K each.  Columbus continues to grow.

That's it for today - gotta get some work done!


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