Wednesday, March 30, 2016


VR = Virtual Reality

I play a video game called MLB The Show which is a baseball simulation and is what most say the tip of the sword in realism for video games.  It's not as flashy as first shooter games but it needs to be freakishly accurate on ball dynamics and so forth.  It's very realistic, for instance, if you are in Miller Park on a sunny day on June 19th at 2:20 in the afternoon, the shadows will fall exactly as they really would fall at that time. This is important because a shadow will mess with a batters vview of a ball leaving the pitchers hand. If you are there a day later the shadows will fall every so slightly differently.  Wind plays a role and how hard and at what angle a ball will bounce off the different types of surfaces of a wall when it is moving at a certain speed and so forth.

HOWEVER - VR, where you wear those goggles is gaining ground faster then anybody thought and I believe VR will be so wide spread it will be unbelievable and not just for playing games. It's going to be the newest thing that spurs the American economy in ways we can not even think of yet.  From touring a new home without actually going there to almost anything you can and can not think of.   How about touring a new fire station before it's built.  Or walking down James Street after the reconstruction to see what it will REALLY look like.  Hospitals are already using VR to practice tricky operations. . . . . . . This will be big.


OK - I took a few days off from blogging.  Monday I had a colonoscopy which have come a long way in 10 years since my last one.  I drank half my liquid Sunday night and the other half Monday morning. The purging part is not a problem. Just stay within 5 seconds of a bathroom - REALLY - all you will have is 5 seconds, there will be no 6th second.  Then for the actual procedure they had me lay down all nice and warm and comfy, put an IV which I didn't feel and wheeled me across the hall.  They told me to roll over on my side and literally the next thing I know I wake up back where I was.  10 minutes later I'm walking out.  DONE.  Felt drowsy for the day but that is all.

I ate a little and then DJ and I went out to eat because I was STARVING - where did we go?

 La Tolteca - Columbus

So so good!! 


I'm disappointed with our City's records keeping ability.  It seems a number of years ago there was a plan for a bike path around Columbus and I asked for a copy of this as it seems everybody knows about it.

Well, it was lost or I was never taken seriously. How could something that would improve the life style of Columbus citizens be thrown away.  Very disappointed.
Then there is Charles Street.  The city is tearing up and resurfacing Charles Street and on one side there is no sidewalk.  Sidewalks are important. But the problem is that there are 20 trees of which 5 are over 100 years old and were planted at the same time as the houses were built and in good condition.   Should the city cut down 20 trees for a sidewalk in an historic neighborhood just to fulfill and ordinance?


The big news that can finally come out is the first steps for a new fire station is under way as council agreed to purchase the soon to be empty Countryside Ford complex (they are moving to a much larger location) which is the perfect spot for a fire station.  We looked at 8 locations and this was the best.  Got a pretty good deal I must say.

The old fire station is freakishly dangerous and small.  Firefighters are literally putting on their equipment 2 feet from moving fire trucks in an emergency.


I listened to a spring training game a few nights ago between the Brewers and the Reds.  It was suppose to be close to the starting line-ups for both teams.  I could not tell who was at bat for what team LOL. WHO ARE THESE GUYS!  

The Brewers made 19 roster moves with their new GM and I'm actually excited about this year.  It will be like a 162 game spring training season.  I read that there will probably have 162 different lineups and you will see things you have never seen before. Leaving a pitcher in too long to see how he does putting in the bullpen in at a weird time as an experiment and so forth.

The Brewers have one of the best farm systems in baseball now and I think they are playing the Majors LOL.  Victory's are meaningless for 2 years as they look to be competitive in 2018.  Never have we seen a total rebuild of a team in Milwaukee.  We have seem partial rebuilds but never anything like this. Should be interesting.


Couple shots from Washington. The first is The Metro.

and the National Building Museum