Friday, March 11, 2016

Washington DC Part Dos (short version).

Before I get into my trip to Washington DC a couple of things.

1. I seem to have caught a cold - noticed it at 4:15 yesterday afternoon.  I fought off my last cold 6 months ago so it's game on. Hand me the zinc. 

2. I'm reading "The Baseball Economist" the next step in the Bill James Revolution. Pretty interesting. Things I have learned. A. There is no such thing as an On Deck batter protecting the guy at bat. It's a fallacy.  B. Pitchers hitting batters happens more often in the AL because it's worth more.  And finally a Trivia question - C. Who was the last left handed catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. 

3. If you have not watched "The Expanse" on the SyFy channel, NPR is calling it the best outer space show ever on TV.  I have to agree. 

4. Survivor - HOLY CRAP - 3 people literally almost die. One is evacuated and the other 2 recover.  This is extreme survivor it seems. When Jeff  Probst yells for ALL production staff to drop whatever they are doing and call for the helicopter it's rather tense as three players go down within 30 seconds from heat exhaustion. One is non responsive.  He said it was the most frightened he has ever been.    

As I said I'm battling  a cold so more photos then words and stories this time. 

I absolutely love air travel and would take it ANY DAY over riding in a car - MUCH safer.  This is the view I had as we started to cross over Lake Michigan.  I'm guessing 20,000 feet up.

  And my cool story was going to be how much more snow Michigan had . . .but of course that is moot now isn't it. This is coming into Detroit. What do you think 15,000 feet up?   Our trip back we got to 38,000 feet.  Can't even see roads from that height.

Detroit has a beautiful airport and I was not sure if it was some sort of flashback the 70s kicking in or if this was real.  Nobody else seemed concerned so I went with it. 

I stopped to take a photo with my iPhone and then switched to my camera.  When I got home I took a quick look at the photos (461) and WTF??   My camera messed up.   My iPhone photos were lime green but something happened as these were purple.  OH wait. It changed colors between my camera switch  WHEW. 

We switched aircraft in Detroit and the guy next to me was very untalkative.  I said hi and he looked at me like I was some sort of weirdo and then looked back at his book.  Never said a peep the entire flight.

I pride myself in trying to not be a bumpkin from Wisconsin but this was the longest escalator I had ever seen.  Yea - I get excited over little things.  This is where I learned - left side for walking up or down, right side for riding.


  Reagan National airport is not as pretty as Detroit.  We were waiting on the Yellow line for the subway (not Subway) to take us to DC. 

I have to think this was built in the 70s. 

That's all for today - here are some teaser photos. 

The Metro (subway) of Washington - I LOVE the subway. I think Columbus needs to look into bonding for a subway which would be very handy for getting across town when school starts and lets out! 

The Metro Washington DC

The National Building Museum.

National Building Museum, Washington DC

The National Portrait Gallery . . . . just before I had an incident with Security.  That wetness is a 1/4 inch of running water.  I had to move a few gates to use as a tripod - shoot photo first and apologize later. 

Talk at you next time as I get more photos - it's rather daunting.  And my story has not even started yet.


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  1. The real reason AL pitchers hit batters more often is that they don't have to go to the plate