Monday, April 25, 2016

Beef Jerky and a new car!

Everybody raise your hands if you believe Sundays weather forecast was a big fat fail.  Well, unless you live in Madison where the high was 73 compared to Columbus 66.  SO CLOSE!!!

Enjoy today as it's the last warm day for a while as weakening storms will enter Wisconsin and left punch the warm weather away. Highs the rest of the week will be in the middle to low 50s and even below 50 on Thursday.  Friday temps rebound but sadly we are in for average temps for April.

Perhaps some thunderstorms early this afternoon

FEAR NOT THOUGH - get ready to water your lawns and tune up the AC units as May and basically the rest of summer will  have above average temperatures.


YOU GET A CAR and YOU GET A CAR and YOU GET A CAR and YOU GET A CAR and I got a car.

I took this of our new car Friday night.  A '16 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited.  We still have the '03 Subaru Outback Perpetual (241,000 miles) and traded in our zoom zoom Honda Fit.  Neither one of those cars were going to comfortably take us to Colorado for our 20th wedding Anniversary.

Is it totally uncool to have two of the same car? Somehow I feel this is a transportation faux pas (an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation.) and I will be shunned.   Hey - they are made in Indiana. Creating jobs for Americans. I am a creator.


Our bird feeder has become a smorgasbord for hawks.  We came home yesterday and in the corner of our deck was a whirlwind of feathers from what used to be a pigeon. Sort of gross and pretty at the same time.


I had my first experience with making my own beef jerky.  Now I know how  DJ feels after making turkey for Thanksgiving and she never wants to see a turkey again.  It's actually pretty easy using the oven and a LOT cheaper then buying "good" beef jerky (not that crap they sell in grocery stores).  A kit from the Beef Jerky place will make three 5lb batches but I only did a 2 pound batch to see if it was worth it.

Basically buy some steak, slice it thin, marinate for 12 hours and then bake in a 180 degree over for 4 or 5 hours. I used some round mesh things I picked up at Walgreen's for $1 to put the slices on.  After the smell leaves the house the product is REALLY good.  Yea - I got sort of tired of the aroma (I opened the over 1/2 hour every other hour to let moisture escape) but that is all forgotten with a good nights sleep.

The better the steak the better the jerky but mine was your normal $6.50 a pound steak.  Love it


Weird - the Koch Brothers will not spend a dime on Trump OR Cruz.  In another oddity, The STOP TRUMP campaign announced, right after The Game of Thrones, that Cruz and Kasich made a deal. Cruz will take all the delegates from Indiana and Kasich will take all the delegates from Oregon and New Mexico.

I can't see how anybody thinks that is a little shifty for the GOP.


Tonight on PBS is Ken Burns show THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICA’S BEST IDEA at 9:00.

Speaking of CAPS LOCK -  NOAA will finally stop using ALL CAPS IN THEIR SCIENTIFIC DISCUSSION.  THANK YOU.  Whenever I read it the voice in my head was YELLING.   WHY ARE YOU YELLING!!!


Ever think what would happen if everyone on earth jumped at the same time?  Me neither.  BUT - here is what would happen so when I try to get everybody on board we will know what to expect.

OK - 7 billion people jump 1 foot in the air and land all at the same time.  The noise would reach about 200 decibels and shatter eardrums which is why I will invest in the ear plug industry and hearing aids.  There would be between a 4.0 to 8.0 earthquake depending how much energy is absorbed by shoes. But the good news is the earth would keep spinning.

hmmmmmm - does not sound THAT exciting of blog worthy.


Political quote of the day  Ted Cruz:

'If Donald Trump dresses up as Hillary Clinton, he still can’t go to the girls' bathroom'.

OK then - I guess we got that out of the way!

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  1. That's because everyone knows Trump has a HUGE penis.