Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tar and Feathers and Pitch Forks

If I ran True Value I would stock up on tar and feathers and pitch forks. Seems (to nobody's surprise) that everyone wants to fix infrastructure . . UNTIL, it's their street and they have to pay for a portion of it.  


Seems Sundays cold front was a phenomena and has a name. 

One small thing was this did not REALLY come off the lake but after finding some more articles it's not a 100% lake driven thing.  Most Wisconsin people know this when we go to Miller Park and find out it's 30 degrees cooler.  


Some sort of voting today - do it.  But remember, only one candidate says he will abolish the IRS and get rid of all of those nasty Environmental Protection "rules" AND, give the rich a 20% tax break so they can help the poor.  Vote with your heart and not your brains.    

I will literally be glued to my TV tonight, and when I say literally be glued  I mean it will be on and I'll be multi tasking probably with a baseball game on.  


The NEW CDA had a meeting last night which, for the first meeting in a long time was fruitful and confidence is high.  Found out that the OLD CDA gave the OK for a $30,000 loan to Hydro Street which probably would have been paid off.  But the City Council at the time (no members on the current Council were on that one Council)  decided an extra $50,000 was OK.  Should have listened to the CDA which basically disbanded after that. 


Yesterday was the first time in MLB history that two teams had their starting pitcher batting 8th in the line-up.   Brewers are already making their mark.  

OH - there was a basketball game last night.  I hear it was exciting.  Meanwhile I was watching the Cubs in a 6-0 game.  OOPS!  I forgot about the basketball game.  DAMN IT!  

OH - I think Philadelphia has one of the prettiest ball parks in the Majors . . .at least when I play MLB The Show16.  

And my umpire buddy.  '16 now has 20 home plate umpires each with his real life tendencies.  For instance 
 Mike Fillmore -calls inside strikes vs lefties  
Clyde Washington - Low Strikes and known for wide zone (and everybody hates him).


and finally - my favorite kind of art is what Norman Rockwell did and when I went to Washington DC I knew the trip was more of a meet and greet (two thoughts in one sentence - must be a name for that).  I took a crap load of photos in DC but knew when I got home I would have a better idea of what I missed.

What I missed were people shots.  I'll have to work on that.

ANYWAY - This is one of my favorite pieces that no one really looks at.   It was taken at The Harmony Bar and Grill and I call it "Harmony".   If I was not obsessed with making millions of dollars I would only do this kind of art . . . . wait . . . I have not made a million yet so maybe I should concentrate on what I like.


Have a great Tuesday. 

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