Friday, April 29, 2016

The Big Short

I watched The Big Short and am in OMG mode.  Very informative true story movie about the housing crisis and the total corruption of the "banking system" including mortgage brokers, the ratings agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Fed's monetary policy, and Alan Greenspan.

The movie explains things in a conversational manner as the characters talk to the camera and explain things with cut scenes to famous people like "Here is pop star Selena Gomez to explain Synthetic CDOs in black jack terms" then when finished you are OH MY GOD, SERIOUSLY?

It's actually chilling as about 15 fund managers realize what is happening and are betting hundreds of millions that there will be a collapse. They can not believe what they have found and go to a big banker convention in Las Vegas to blend in and ask questions but when finished they realize that they while they will soon be billionaires, at the same time . . . . the American economy is literally about to fail.  People forget how close America was to 50% unemployment seven years ago.

I will order the book today.

If anyone thinks that Bernie or Clinton or anybody can "break up the banks" they are fools. This is a world wide problem, not just an American oddity. It takes Congress to start to look into this problem, not one person and certainly not Trump who depends on loophole banking shenanigans for his money (remember, he has profited from all of his bankruptcies, he depends on banking fraud for his money).

And it's happening again. OH, the banking industry calls things by different names but they are back to their old tricks. When the bond rating agencies will pretty much make EVERYTHING AAA because if they don't the other rating agencies will rate bad bonds AAA and they will reap the profits. Should rating agencies really be "for profit" companies?

Watch this movie if you want to stay up at night and worry.


Last night at Home Brew Club in Sun Prairie (soon-ish to have a new LARGE brewery run by the head cheese of our club) we had BAD BREW NIGHT.  Everyone makes a bad beer at times and our goal was to taste bad beer and figure out what went wrong.

Might have to rethink this - tasting bad, infected beer is not as fun as it sounds.


The Dallas Cowboys, with the #4 draft pick drafted a running back. They had better make sure this guy is the next Berry Sanders because running backs are a dime a dozen.  What buffoons . . unless he is the next Berry Sanders.

It was funny at Eddies last night in SP.  The TVs were on and and the draft was going and when the Packers turn came this VERY LOUD bar hushed!  It was eerie.  Then it was announced The Packers pick Defensive Tackle blah blah. There was a moment of silence and then back to normal.  YUP - Packers needed a DT,  nothing more exciting then drafting  DT LOL


mmmmm Saturday, High of 54 and windy with rain developing - AWESOME!!  


According to Nate Silver who knows a hing or two about politics, if the Democrats used the GOP process for primaries this race would have been over a long long time ago.  And if the GOP used the Democratic process Trump would have a much much harder road and might not win at all.


I had to laugh at this