Monday, April 18, 2016

Zombie Apocalypse

According to blogger I have 703,000 posts read! Didn't notice I went over 700K  

One final thing about fluoride (I really feel Fall River is irresponsible for not allowing their children to have good teeth).

I received this email over the weekend.

My father was very proud of the fact that he led the effort to have fluoride in Boscobel's water supply in the late 1950's.  When he initially started working the majority of his work was on cavities and tooth repair.  By the time he retired in 1987, he could have kept at least 2 hygienists busy cleaning teeth as the number of patients that needed dental work beyond exams had declined so greatly.  


Yea - The Omega High is not as tough as we thought.  Yea - we had a good run of days and the weather we had Friday was what we had Saturday and Sunday and Monday but it's about to end.

On a side note - the art fair world had a tough weekend as the downpour of rain they had Friday also happened Saturday and Sunday.  On Facebook there were videos of art fairs getting 8 inches of rain and flooded booths with 5 inches of water on the ground.

It's all about to change. A cold front is approaching from the north and is going to bludgeon it's way into Wisconsin pushing the LOW that has been sitting off to the west FURTHER west. It's going to be like a top that is about to topple.

Low to mid 60s at best for as far as the eye can see (which is actually a little above average) and a good amount of rain on our first golf meeting night!  O Well.


New rule in Cuba - President Raul Castro has declared that party officials should retire at age 70 starting in 2021.


A sperm bank donor who has created 36 children seems to have lied on his application and does not have a 160 IQ and a PhD.  He is actually a college dropout “who has been diagnosed with bipolar and narcissistic personality disorders and schizophrenia and has spent time in prison for burglary.”

SWEET!!  We need more of those kind of people in the U.S.


On the 43,066 try the NFL finally got a schedule they can use.  I can totally understand their problems.  Making a schedule for sports teams will fry your brain.  I've done it for a number of leagues (before there was software).  All sorts of special requests like "we want Green Bay to play Minnesota in their first game in the new stadium" type stuff.


Looking at how states are voting the demographics have been very very consistent on who is getting votes for the left.  Bernie basically has no shot unless something REALLY HUUUGE happens. I mean REALLY big.  If Sanders wins NY (10 latest polls have Clinton up 56-40) he has a very tiny chance.

HEY - I'm just stating the facts - not making judgement's and IF things continue as they are now which is never guarantee! 

Combined polls have Trump winning 54% to Kasich 25% to Cruz 19% in NY.


OK - 18 million people have seen this but if you have not  . . . . . . .

A study that started in 1938 followed 700 people. Every 2 years they were interviewed.  half were collage bound and half were among the poor.

What they found was that the group that was healthiest when they hit 80 were the ones with the strongest relationships, good OR bad.  

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