Monday, May 16, 2016

Did you hear what Trump said today?

Did you hear what Trump said today?

OH - sorry - that is the common greeting many American are saying these days.  Instead of saying "Hi how are ya", they just say "Hi, Did you hear what Trump said today".

Then the two people can laugh and get on with the real conversation OR they can actually talk about what Trump actually DID say today.  It's a win win.


So I have been driving around in a brand new 2016 Nissan Murano with 800 miles on it . . . . . what?  You thought I had 2016 Subaro Outback Limited?   OH that was before I got a phone call during the Water and Light Commission saying "DO NOT DRIVE YOUR A CAR THE STEERING WHEEL MIGHT FALL OFF".

I told them I really don't need a steering wheel with Eyesight engaged but they convinced me to bring it in anyway.   So now I have a sweet '16  Nissan Murano (which I have always liked) for a while until they fix my car.  

At least Subaro is proactive - there have been no accidents and I do have a nice car to drive for free.


I was at Wisconsin Brewing Friday and made contact with people that work at Street Wood which is a offshoot of Urban Wood and got an idea.  With all the trees coming down next year with James Street. Why not re-use the wood. They REALLY need trees and would it not be GREAT to have those trees not die in vain?

Urban will take the wood and make barns and Street Trees make amazing art of the wood.  Some GREAT cutting boards and tables and so forth.  Why not give each resident a cutting board out of the tree they lost.

Something I'm going to work on.


Elwood and I were working on the water tower wall. What many don't see is our master plan,


I really need to write down all my thoughts - I had so many wonderful things to blog about . . . .but are now gone.

Weather will improve a lot this week with middle 70s by the weekend.  Columbus has been getting the short end of the stick with rain.  We have had less then most places.  Maybe a little rain later today.


An art fair friend of mine in Madison shot this photo.  I suppose it's OK if you like this sort of thing.

Cassius Callender  really nice guy and not bad with a camera.


Speaking of "illegal immigrants".  50% of Wisconsin milk industry are run by  non-documented immigrants.  If we deport them all Wisconsin's economy will get crushed.  Let's look at this a different way.

The American economy is sort of a ponzi scheme.  As long as we continue to grow all is well.  Lets say Columbus is a rich vibrant city of 5000 and then we lose 1000 residents.  Do you think business would suffer? Of course it wood.

Now take America where the non-documented immigrants work, spend money, have families that spend money buying homes and groceries and stuff.    The rights plan is to deport all of them back to Mexico where they will be homeless.  But they forget that if you deport 10 million people that is a LOT of buying power leaving. Plus there are no people to fill the jobs that leave.

Wisconsin can't even fill the jobs at Da Dells.  Deporting is not the way.


Getting it done at 71.

Poor Joe on Survivor.  a 71 year old FBI agent.  He was one of the final 5 in this season Survivor and won his first challenge.  After 31 days of literally eating 1/4 cup of rice a day he won a challenge that gave him a huge meal and so other things.

He knew he needed protein so be ate nothing but meat . . . a LOT of meat. Well . . . . that did not sit well with his innards and 24 hours later he was the FOURTH player evacuated from this season Survivor.    

Good bye Joe - it's down to 4 now on what of the hardest Survivor.

See ya later.

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