Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I'm back and way way behind

Thanks everyone for their kinds words.

Lets get a public information notice out right away.

Power of Attorney STOPs immediately  upon the death of the person you are taking care of.


So if you are taking care of a loved one.  Make sure you have a joint checking account or that money is locked away and you can not get at it until you can find 3 or 4 more convoluted hoops to jump through.  (Like a will in a lock box which is needed to get to the checking account) And remember - many of the things that you will need to pay for do not accept cards.

You would think that when you do the whole PoA thing a lawyer would tell you it stops upon the death.  BUT NOOOOOOO!!


USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage will be released on  Nov 11 Veterans day.


EV and her brother
It seems all the poems my mom wrote were only the tip of the iceberg as we have found all sorts of other writing which are AMAZING.  Stories about how her mom and dad met and about growing up in the very north woods.  I see a book coming and can't wait to share what life was like.

As we were cleaning out bookshelves we kept coming upon more and more hand written material.  I think we have enough for an autobiography  LOL  Some amazing stories about a band of gypsies and getting lost in the deep woods and getting married after a 24 hour courtship.  Great stuff.

Another thing - PODS are awesome and pretty inexpensive.

Dad trick riding a car  LOL

In other news - I don't have a lot of time writing as losing a week really hurt getting ready for an art fair this weekend in Deforest. 

I'm getting an image printed on metal and if it turns out well maybe I'll put that into the mix, we shall see. 

All of a sudden I have so many things to do INCLUDING getting back up to speed with whatever has happened in Columbus before we go on a vacation to Winter Park in Colorado and then a trip to Indianapolis for the USS Indianapolis reunion.

Meanwhile - this is what a 100+ year old water main looks like.  Seems sanitary to me! 



We were at Jungs and saw a row of different heuchera (pronounced hookera) so I decided to make a nice shady  heuchera garden under our cotoneaster.  This is 2 of the 14 that is blooming in their first full year. 

We also now have 80 square feet of Sweet Woodruff and 60 square feet of Lamium.  All from 2 plants that we have been propagating for 3 years.  GREAT weed killer. 

OK - I gotta get to work on art fair stuff that I put off over the winter because I knew it would only take 2 weeks to get everything in order - what could possibly go wrong. 

That is my grandfather 2nd from the left.  

Mom and dad in 1951

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  1. Your folks look like characters in one of the old screwball comedies. I think your Mom would have wound up with Cary Grant and your Dad would have been Cary Grant's best friend.