Thursday, May 19, 2016


there is a world where
clocks have no hands or faces
months are unknown
and seasons
crowd in where they can

time moves around you
in a circle
always facing you
just out of reach

int's never any later
always suddenly

it's too late

  - EV Melotte


I found out my mom passed away Tuesday night in her sleep, very calmly.  She was in a happy good place so if you gotta go it was a good time. 

My dad passed away after battling cancer for 8 months and near the end he was praying to die as he struggled for one more breath for months, but the Doctors kept him alive as his lungs filled up.  Lung cancer sucks. 

I have seen both ways to pass away and this was so much better.  Yet I wish I had just one more conversation.  

She had me when she was 27 and dirt poor getting evicted right and left from apartments. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING.   

The sad thing is that memories are always from the near past. There are no videos of my parents when they were in their middle 20s like there can be today.  I wish.  

The poem above was from a book I compiled in 2003 of a lifetime of her poetry. I guess I got my writing bug from her although I was cursed with dyslexia so the spelling/wrong word part had to be overcome (well 90% of the time, I literally spell "the" teh more then half the time). The written English language has never come easily (like my golf game). 

The Book

It's rank in the top 12 million books on Amazon. And I see you can buy a used one from shipped from Japan for only $40  (WHAT???)  

ANYWAY - the next few days are all in the air at the moment.  


Awesome weather coming - this will be the last day in the 60s (69) for as far out as they can predict.  HOWEVER - next week will have a good chance of rain every day starting Monday.  

BTW -  April broke a record with temperature globally AND once again it broke a record on how BIG the record was broken.  If we are not worried we REALLY should be! this is the 7th month in a row for breaking records and this smashed the old record.  The prediction is that 2016 will be the hottest year BY FAR globally.

In fact every single month since 2000 has been above the average temperature in the 1961 to 1990 timeline and check this out. 


In other news - the dip in oil prices is killing tips for exotic dancers in North Dakota (a State that really needs exotic dancers) as tips are down 60%. 

Are you a linkedIn user?  They were hacked and 117 million password are up for sale.  I don't know why you need to buy a password when you can just make up your own.  Morons! 

OK - nuff said!   

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