Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Well - I have nothing to say.

I guess there was some confusion about the Cubs in my last post.  I was not talking about ACTUAL wins and losses but runs scores and runs given up.  Looking at those two numbers is a very good predictor on how good a team actually is.

Nate Silver has his ELO ratings which are sort of like Baseball Prospectus's PECOTA ratings and according to ELO the 1939 NY Yankees were the best team ever to play followed by the 1906 Chicago Cubs.

BUT - what was the best Milwaukee Brewer team ever?  Yup - the 1982 Brewers which was the 246th best team ever.

The worst team ever?  The 1904 Washington Senators (now the Minnesota Twins) followed by the 2003 Detroit Tigers.

If you are driving around check out the Water Tower wall. The sedium are looking good for less then one year old!!  We're going to put a streak of color in the wall at some point.


I've been getting some emails asking about assessments - there has been no meeting scheduled yet to go over what will happen so no news is no news.


McKinny Texas where I have relatives approved a $68 MILLION High School football stadium that will seat 12,000. Seems a little over the top to me!


Some cool bike things next week


It will go un noticed by many but the transportation industry is about to get chaotic with the new Panama Canal about to open in June which will allow MUCH larger ships to pass through.  This will change a LOT of things in America with different ports getting much more cargo.  

Now ships that can haul 18,000 containers will be able to pass through the canal.


Drones - I hate them, loud and obnoxious and pretty much annoying. Last year there were 6 million drones sold.  Industry experts say by 2020 there will be 22 million sold.  FREAKING GREAT!  I know if I ever see one above me I'll do what I can to knock it down, as a sport!


Well - I just wanted to post SOMETHING so people did not think I had died or anything!

Carry on