Friday, May 6, 2016

USS Indianapolis - Trailer

We are so freaking lucky to live in America and I am so tired of people complaining about how we need to "fix" things.

On Viceland (DIRECT TV 271) there is a show called State of Undress that investigates fashion and culture around the world.  The female reporter was in Venezuela.  OMG - that is a messed up country.

One out or five citizens of Venezuela has had some sort of plastic surgery yet their economy is so messed up lines start forming at 4AM and you wait 5 hours to MAYBE get a few common goods in the murder capitol of the world.  A typical store will have 10 different items to sell.

The reporter had to be in a caravan of five bullet proof cars there are so many kidnappings. SADLY she reported that she was having her period and it took 3 days and black market to get one package of tampons for $45.  YET - you need beauty products? not a problem.  I think they said 20% of a woman's income will be spent on beauty products.

That network of investigated reporting has some outstanding shows and all the reporters are very good at what they do and relate their findings to the viewers in a way that makes you want to be their friend.


HERE IT IS.  One of the three big USS Indy presentations is out.

USS Indianapolis: The Legacy where my father in law is interviewed is out but not for wide release yet I guess.

The HBO series is still in the works but last night the trailer for USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage was released.

INTENSE - The night before Mel was sleeping on that crate that contained parts to the A-Bomb. The night of the sinking he was topside because below deck it was 130 degrees,  when the first torpedo hit he was blown into the water.  Since they started filming the movie six survivors have passed away and only 25 are left.


It's been a tough few weeks being a Council members.  It seems everybody wants roads and infrastructure but no one wants to pay for them and believe they are paying the entire cost.  Actually residents pay about 10% and we are actually giving them a deal as MOST cities you also pay for 1/3 of the street.  Then we hear all sorts of false claims at how expensive Columbus is. Such as it is more expensive to live here then Sun Prairie. WHAT?

You really can not compare a city of 5,000 to a city of 30,000+?  Our mill rate is a dime more then SP and lets see how we compare when they build ANOTHER mammoth $20 million dollar high school as the one they have is overflowing - LIKE OUR SCHOOLS.

If you want to make Columbus better and grow our tax base to lower the levy? - BUILD A DAMN SCHOOL!  It's embarrassing.

Anyway - Water and Light had some numbers to compare because it's been six years since we had a small rate increase.

Comparing "like" systems (soft water, iron filtering) based on 500 cubic feet of water in a household we pay:

Columbus $58.00
Hartford $59.06
Hustisford $100.54
Waupon $68.16
Fond du lac $61.78
Menasha $57.00
Two Rivers $51.85

We could be 7% cheaper if we did not soften the water which is a topic for conversation with a new well being needed in the near future as Well #,1 built after WWII has getting a little old.  Do we want to continue to have "soft" water?  I believe we have the least amount of softening right now because soft water is not the best to drink.  OR - get rid of soft water and everybody has to buy softeners.

We're talking a number of years away - don't panic.  We still need to find a place for a new well.   Our water is from way way up north and a thousand years old as our wells are 700 feet down.  We have OLD but very good (and very rich in iron) water.

here are some random shots of Well #2 & 3.

On the electric side, based on 600kWh for a resident of Columbus we pay

Columbus $77.09
Brodhead $77.04
Cedarberg $76.07
Sun Prairie $68.22* rate increase this year coming for them
Lake Mills $82,17
Madison $98.53
Lodi $77.61


Then there are the Chicago Cubs who have been predicted to win 100 games this year. Seems the 100 could be on the low side as no team in history, after 24 games, has been as dominate as the Cubs have been this year.  If you look at run differential they are farther ahead of the 2nd best team as the 2nd best team is ahead of the 20th best team, and this is after losing a potential 30 HR player to a season ending injury.

The Cubs not only have the highest scoring team in the Majors but they have given up the fewest runs also.


The NY City Council voted to have a 5 cent fee for all plastic bags in grocery stores.


It's been 159 years since the last BIG ONE on the southern section of the  San Andreas fault (also called Obama's fault by the Republicans) and it's getting people who worry about such things a little worried/  As one Green Packer Coach once said "It Is Time".


Sheldon Silver, former New York Assembly speaker, was sentenced to 12 years in prison in a corruption case. Six of the last seven New York state legislative majority leaders have been convicted on criminal charges. maybe someone should look into this . .wait - I guess they have.


32 people have been kidnapped by pirates this year compared to 15 all of last year.  You won't catch me on a boar on the Crawfish river.


New York City sent 1,000,000 condoms to Puerto Rico to fight the Zika virus. WHAT ARE THOSE MOSQUITOES BITING!!!   This reminds me. In WWII America sent 1 million condoms to the Russian army they used them for guns. But they stamped all of them with EXTRA SMALL.

Those crazy Americans.


Have a great weekend. Good weather. Except for today (81) and Monday (61) we should be in the mid to upper 60s for the next 10 days with widely scattered rain between the sun on most days.    

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  1. Venezuela is a socialist country for the past many years. Much like what Bernie wants for the U.S..