Monday, June 27, 2016

a disturbing and prevalent issue ???

NEW FLASH - one of my first friends in Columbus was John Pratt - former VP of the F&M Bank.

When he retired he up and moved his family to Florida and ever since he has been taunting us on Facebook about how glorious it is down there with constant photos of sunsets in his awesome location on the shores with swimming pools and so forth and he was leading the good life.

WELL - seems his wife got a teaching job at the Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Cincinnati Ohio so they are loading up the truck and moving to Cincinnati.

Not passing judgement on Cincinnati vs, Cape Coral FL


in other interesting news - my brother has FINALLY announced he is retiring from Melotte Morse Leonatti Parker, Ltd. in Springfield ILL and they made an offer on a house in Kewaunee WI which they called "up north".  The average home price is $95K and if there was one guy that I would want to have look at a 1935 house it's an architect who specializes in historical buildings.  So in a few years Welcome back to Wisconsin the land that actually has a BETTER, more stable government then Illinois.


We all know my fascination with "muradosmann: on Instagram who have >100 photos of their travels around the world like the ones below.


OK - we got the hands wrong!


I've made steps to not post redundant photos.   This is at the peak (also known as most terrifying part) of the road through Rocky Mountain National Park.  If your car goes off the road grab those long poles.

This is one of my favorite shots so far.  We were coming back from a hike and I saw this in my rear view mirror and stopped.

Another train shot at a railroad museum 
I took this of my best friend in Grand Lake where I decided to NOT have YET ANOTHER blah 1/2 pound burger.  I've never seen a land with so many average tasting 1/2 pound burgers with American cheese.  If you are going to force a half pound at least make it tasty. BUT NO!!!!   


It seems George Will the conservative columnist /pundit for FOX News has had enough and has quit the GOP.  Pretty big deal.  He says VOTE FOR CLINTON.  It will only be 4 years and MAYBE by that time the GOP will not be full of buffoons backing Trump.

Theie are actually smart Republicans and I feel sorry for them. I know a few that are pro Obama Care and the total collapse of the Republican Party has to be a pain in the butt.

then there is BREXIT and that little bit of stupidness.  Seems MANY who voted to leave are now like what?  we won? Can we take back our vote? We wanted to just be heard not REALLY change things THAT much.

Yea - older, white lower class voters voted to leave while 75% of the younger people saw the REAL problems and wanted to stay.  The world just became a slightly more dangerous place.

At least Trump is taking his victory laps as a vote for BREXIT was a vote for him . . .he thinks.  No - not really.  England is a very very white country and you can not compare England to the US.


Barnes & Noble are testing selling booze in their stores . . . really?

Mac and Cheetos hit's Burger King today - who will stand in line with me.  $2.49 and only 310 calories. Marconi covered with Cheeto dust and THEN deep fried and then seasoned with irrevocable loss of self-respect.  I'M IN!

And from the REALLY? files.  New Hampshire signed H.B. 1547 which makes it illegal to have sex with animals.  Oddly there are 9 states that STILL say it's OK.  A press release said  "sex with animals “disturbing and prevalent issue” in New Hampshire".  WHAT??   Is this something I need to watch out for if on vacation in New Hampshire?

Have a great Monday

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