Thursday, June 9, 2016

He's OK

Happy 20th Anniversary to US!!   20 years ago today DJ and I were married in Las Vegas - the biggest and best gamble of my life and I'm a huge winner (not sure if DJ believes she won but . . . ) .

I can remember sitting in the Rio after Eddie the Limo Driver let us off in his old Limo with a broken AC and thinking it was so surreal. Best 20 years of my life.

This COULD be a headline

Columbus Mayor Electrocuted Putting Out Fire With Snow Shovel.  

In other news . . . . . .During City Council sessions there are always moments between the action where we can have a quick conversation and Tuesday I mentioned the storm that ended electricity to a number of blocks but I was unprepared to hear this story.

Seems a tree came down on a power pole (trees are a danger, we must eliminate all trees in Columbus - God is trying to give us a message) the same pole that had issues in the BIG storm last July.  But all I could get out of it was at some point, the Mayor was trying to put out a pole fire with a snow shovel and was being told to stop. At least that was what I got out of it.

Yes - images in your brain like that are what aneurysms are made of.  I'm not sure if I heard it right or what the rest of the story is but then we had to get back to work and I missed the rest of the story.  

More on this as the facts become clearer.


Did I mention that the Deforest Art Fair was weird? I have never seen so many pregnant people at an art fair.  It was unreal. Seriously.  I always see one here and there but it was like a preggers convention,

Speaking of art - I had this image printed on metal and it looks outstanding. I'm not sure what I'll do about printing on metal - it ain't cheap and not all images are metal-worthy but hmmmmmm!

BTW - an 11x14 metal, ready for hanging is $95 and it REALLY POPS!


The water tower sedum is starting to bloom

The goal is to fill in all the crack so weeds will not grow - don't look at those ground weeds. 

We still have a lot of work to do but seeing that last years work is working and we continue to plant more and more every few weeks we are confident. 


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