Thursday, June 2, 2016

Melottes Melody Mix Ups

There was a huge fire in Madison yesterday and one of the problems MFD was having was water pressure because the water mains were not looped and were a dead end.

In Columbus we have been closing as many opening as many dead ends as we can for just that situation. If you remember last year Water and Light closed Tower Drive for a day to open a loop that goes to the hospital.  Just some of the little things people don't hear about.  I hear a lot of complaints about how much it costs for water but Columbus is a very safe community.  Many places with cheaper water do not have as good of an infrastructure as we do.  

We can handle 3 pretty good size fires at once - unlike MANY towns with cheaper water.    


 Melotte's Melody Mix-ups!  OH YEA BABY!

The story goes that when dad lost his job (before he worked at Parker Pen) we had no money BUT, a huge house.  Seems a music man came to Fort Atkinson selling accordions.  He opened a store and sold many many accordions and once the market was full he left town . . . . like The Music Man.

Someone had to teach all these new players how to play so dad decided to start teaching accordion to pay the mortgage.   

Yup - that is me - the little guy on the right with my brother and dad.  I still have that accordion. 

WELL - he gets a lot of students as there were a lot of accordions and they paid the bills and my mom acted as hostess.   

Next thing you know we are in parades and performing in concert halls. I remember once I played "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley" in front of a crap load of people.  What a depressing song THAT is. 

You just don't see many accordion bands anymore. We kept getting bigger and bigger as time went on performing in larger and larger parades.  

I'm not sure what brought us down and am waiting for a "Behind the Music" special/expose' so I can find out.  

Someone in the family was the slide guitarists on The Lawrence Welk Show but I'm not sure who that was as I was never a real fan of Lawrence. Since our family was not really close I have no idea who anyone is.  I'm not sure I ever met my grandfather.     


Had my best round at Door Creek since June 17th 2015 last night.  It was actually FUN to golf as opposed to frustrating. 


A new documentary is coming out soon called USS Indianapolis: The Legacy Project.  This one was
a work in progress for many years and FINALLY Mel was interviewed by National Geographic and some of it was used in the documentary.

This is DJ with Sarah Vladec the producer as they were scheming on ways to get Mel to interview.

We saw the first cut last year and it was pretty amazing the stories and combat footage and films of the rescue.  Not sure how this will be presented to the public but I can't wait.

Have not heard how the National Geo group is doing with looking for the Indy.  The same group that found the Titanic is searching.  Plus HBO is still working on their Band of Brothers style show about the Indy.