Thursday, June 23, 2016

More photos from Colorado

I have not seen what Andy Traxler calls the World Series of TV - BIG BROTHER which I 100% agree (golf night last night in the rain).  But I'll have a running commentary of this outstanding show.  I'm sure that I will hate all the characters this year until I get to know them.   That is the greatness of that show.  Take a number of human caricature's, put them in a house and watch them vote people out through out the summer.

If you have ever played strategy games in your life you will LOVE this show.


Driving through Nebraska we stopped at a rest stop that had an 116 foot tall wind turbine blade.  Pretty impressive.  Well a woman had a few kids and they thought it was pretty neat also and finally we heard her say "OK OK stand next to that stupid windmill thing".   WELL - I could not let that opportunity go to waste.

Weird how a 10mm lens compacts everything.


You won't see him at first but there is a marmot laying on that second rock on the left

When Elwood and I camped out a few decades ago in the Rockies we were on a trail about 10 miles from base camp.  We were in our tent when something started to scratch at the tent walls.  We were freaking BEAR BEAR?    WWhat we found out from fellow back packers was that there were a couple marmots jumping on the tent and sliding down.

Yea - THEY were having fun.    this was the same trip we had a mule eat our food and also the same trip when we could not get a omelette to turn hard on our little camp stove so Elwood just drank it.


A shot that seemed to lose a little color in blogger and looks better bigger but the train was chugging along in the canyon.

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