Thursday, July 28, 2016


Last night I tied for low net again in golf league and it seems we are in first place.  I also seem to be CRUSHING the ball off the tee and according to Golf Shot had one drive perfectly down the middle for 245 yards. YIKES.   I'm not trying to brag as it's taken 62 years to figure out how to get off the tee . . at least temporarily.  Not sure a few weeks really shows I have improved but a 45 and 48 back to back FOR ME . . .is good.

I was told it takes about a year to get used to new clubs which I never considered when I purchased adubya's clubs midway through LAST year.   In fact it's been just about one year exactly.  hmmmm   maybe there is something to that.

HOWEVER - as I was sitting in Door Creek I looked at Facebook and saw that my friend adubya had decided that today would be the day that his best friend and companion for many years would cross the rainbow bridge.  I immediately had my emotions change to grief. My eyes watered up as I thought about my last day with Blake.

It's the curse of pets.  I suppose parrots feel this way with humans as they live much longer then we do.


Sugarfoot #4

We're housecats together
My Sugar and me.
We're as snug and contented
As two cats can be.
We gave up the Outside
With nary a tear,
Cause all of the things
We like best are in here.
We like
Pillows and sunshine,
And flowers in vases,
And windows to look through,
And small, cozy places,
And leisurely bathing,
And things that smell good,
Like roses, and catnip,
And most kinds of food,
We like
Music that's quiet,
And sharing a lap,
And yawning and stretching,
And taking a nap,
And what we like most,
What this is all about,
Is we like being In,
With the bears all locked Out.

   --EV Melotte


My mom was diagnosed with lupus which made sunlight a problem for her.  Oddly when she had her multiple strokes, lupus not only went away but she forgot that she was an avid smoker as she never had another cigarette.    Weird.


Awesome stretch of days coming up - typical summer weather for the next few weeks. Low 80s middle 80's with a few T-storms now and again but nothing all day!

See ya


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