Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I DID IT! she said

Welcome back ME!

So many things going on.   The biggest news was Sunday night. All day my granddaughter Sydney was SO PUMPED about going to the carnival.  After we took her on her first rides last year we learned she is an adrenaline junkie and every other sentence Sunday was "and then we are going to the carnival".

So we all went Sunday night . . . . . . . sadly Mr. Ed's had a generator blow out and the carnival was closed for the night.  WELL, that made one little girl very, very sad to say the least.

So Monday we went to Little Amerrika because it is FREAKISHLY less expensive and the rides are 3 times as long. The place is actually pretty nice and NOT like their horrible advertisements on TV.

You can tell by Sydney's look she is REALLY getting into the ride. 
But for as much hopping up and down Sydney had, Caydence was not as sure this was going to be a good thing.  The Merry Go Round looked pretty intimidating but after the first "go around" she was REALLY smiling.  When the ride was over she was saying "I DID IT, I DID IT!"  And then more and more rides were experimented with a huge huge smile.  And Sydney takes care of her big sister is such a big way.  Making sure she is OK and so forth.

Seeing her so relaxed was awesome.

Then came last night.  Caydence did not want to see the fireworks, way too loud.  But Sydney and Jenny came to the house and we watched them from a hill on the 17th fairway and we literally had fireworks 360 with huge ones going off all around us from houses.

When over Jenny and Syd left and it took Jenny 45 minutes to go the 1 mile home (Vista Circle to Sturges).  What a total mess traffic is in Columbus after the fireworks.  Reminds me of rhythm and booms in Madison.  Total mess.  NOT complaining as that is how it is with a zillion people watching one of the best fireworks in the area.

Halloween - The Council will be voting on when Halloween is this year LIKE EVERY YEAR which to me is dumb.  Why vote EVERY YEAR.  Make a decision and go with it.  That is why people get so confused.  My vote will be for having trick or treat on the Holiday.  I asked kids last year when they came to the door if they liked the night Halloween and they said "scary, and AWESOME".

For me trick or treat was as good as Christmas and my memories in Fort Atkinson are more from Halloween.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  He would have been 93 years old today.

Elwood and I weeded the water tower and that place has the oddest weeds I have ever seen.  All of them are weird and both Elwood and I have never seen those strains of weird weeds ANYWHERE.

It's like a weed experiment gone bad and they are REALLY hardy.  We literally could not pull a few of them.


The USS Indianapolis reunion is happening this coming weekend and I'll try to "live" Facebook  some of the events. Only 24ish survivors left and each one of them wants to be the last man standing (they kid about it). We will see the finished Documentary that is coming out and the major motion movie is slated to premier world wide on Veterans Day.


Driving back the Andy Winn Memorial Golf Tournament: Back from the Dead where we play 18 holes and then a Brewer game, balderdash mentioned a app that looks for police speed traps.  I found it and it's WAY WAY more.

Called Waze I asked people on Facebook about it and it is a overwhelming THUMBS UP on everything GPS.

Basically you turn it on and the community updates it LIVE.  In our area right now there are 360 people using it.  So what happens is you turn it on and drive.  It tracks you and when you have a traffic slow down, or a speed trap or road construction or anything you "hands free" tell it and it updates all the maps.

Then, because everything is live it will show you different faster routes or where the trouble is so you are prepared. When I mentioned it on FB I had instant response's saying it was GREAT.  One friend said it saved him 5 hours on a trip to Florida. It also tells you all the gas prices (like GasBuddy which we used on the road trip out west - LOVE that app and it saved us a lot of money).

BTW - Google purchased Waze for $1.1 BILLION - I need to make an app.  I have a great idea if anyone wants to steal it.  Create an app that you put your yard configuration into it and it will figure out the BEST/fastest mowing patterns/  BOOM - billionaire!

Oh - I sort of sucked in golf.  56 on the front easy nine (average 48) but a 50 (average 52) on the back.  It was probably the least tired I have ever been golfing that course. Working out for 1.5 years must be working.  The good thing is that every 9 holes I have at least one drive in the 230s that is somewhere near the fairway.  VICTORY!


Gonna be a warm few days. Maybe some storms near daybreak tomorrow  and chances for thunderstorms all day Wednesday, Thursday and Thursday night. Some good rain coming.

And don't forget - Mullins has a special this week with 1/4 pound burgers (YEA!!!) fries and a small drink for $5.  DEAL ME IN!!!  

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