Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sugarfoot #3

Fort Atkinson Water Tower - build 1901?
I have nothing to say.

I have already received some praise AND flak for even mentioning the question of "what will we do with the water tower once a crap load of money has been used to fix it".  Do we let it stand for 30 more years and have nobody looking at it?  Many people don't even know where it is!

Or does the city and HLPC spend some major money to make this a viable landmark.

Fort Atkinson's water tower (on the right) was fixed and now people can go inside it 12+ times a year.  It took 15 years and $700,000 though.  OUCH!!

I'm all for fixing it as long as it does not go back to what it was, a forgotten pillar of the past that very few people ever go to look at.  YES - it is only one of 5 left standing in Wisconsin so I say make it something people will talk about and actually visit, if, someone is going to spend some major money on it.

Just my early morning thought process.

Sugarfoot #3

Sugar came to comfort me
When she saw that I was crying,
Put her paws around my neck,
Lay against me softly sighing.
I had trusted where I shouldn't
I'd been badly hurt that day,
Sugar's whiskers stroked my face
And gently wiped my tears away.

What does Sugar know of grief?
What does she know of betrayal?
All the pain she's ever felt
Was a rudely stepped-on tail.
Still she answered to my need
Far better then did humankind.
I help her close against my heart,
Loyal friends are hard to find.

      --EV Melotte