Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The wild parsnips are beautiful his time of year

The wild parsnips are beautiful his time of year.  I just want to strip down and run through them they are so pretty.   If you are looking for then check out the land around the truck driving school.  So so pretty.  But if you do run through them do it at night so you can stay away from Phytophotodermatitis which is ignited with long-wave ultraviolet light which will result in Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and can last for MONTHS!! 

So if you see yourself among wild parsnips in daylight - you are SO SCREWED!!  


Halloween.  Being a traditionalist I thought trick-or-treat should be on Halloween.  But those young whippersnappers on council came up with a MUCH better idea that when you think about it . . . is perfect.

It has not been voted on yet so nothing is written in stone but  . . . . . . How about Saturday nights 5-8.

Best of all worlds.   Since Columbus is a bedroom community (which, when I was a kid I thought that meant a town was like a huge red-light district) people get home later.  So - instead of on a weeknight, a weekend BUT at night.  The only problem will be 2018 and 2019 when Halloween falls on a Wednesday and Thursday.  The preceding weekend?  following weekend?


I'm loving Waze but now my phone is getting repaired. Apple Store refused to do it until I backed up my phone.  I guess my storage was nearing 5gig so I had not backed up for a month.  They suggestion was BUY MORE STORAGE.  My suggestion was DELETE CRAP FROM STORAGE.

Seems I was backing up EVERYTHING.  No need for that so now I have 3 gig available and screw you Apple.  I'll have some dudes replace my screen for the same price and faster.

Waze??   Anyone know how long things stay up?  Like "car on side of road" or "police reports"? Just curious how it all works.  I can't find any place to ask stupid questions on the net.  


Anyone know a good garage door replacer? I busted the window on our busted garage door so now it's REALLY busted.  Better fix it before winter.  I don't buy a lot of garage doors and the two places I emailed have not returned my mail. 


OK - have to deal with issues at work.

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