Thursday, July 21, 2016


In case you missed it - By a vote of 4-2 Trick or Treat will be the Saturday before Halloween this year from 5 to 8(??).   Of course we will have to go through this all over again NEXT year which is ridiculous, but that is how it rolls.


Last night I had my best round in golf league since August 8 2014 so I'm feeling pretty cocky.  Odd how putting well brings down the score - I wonder if anybody else knows this. HOWEVER - My first three drives were all in the 230 range and NEAR the fairway.  Of course the shots AFTER the drive were not as wonderful but . . . .small steps.


This little guy has been running around our house lately.  It's a Brown Thrasher. He runs around like a cartoon Road Runner.  Sort of funny actually but he loves our garden near the patio.


Turnips!  EV Melotte

Pa once had an opportunity to join a county crew for a few days work on the roads. Naturally he grabbed a chance to make a few extra dollars. When the job was finished the crew was offered the right to help themselves to all they wanted of a barrel of red clover seed. Pa took a generous share, knowing that red clover would improve our poor soil. He broadcast it liberally over an area that was to become a field after the stumps were pulled.

Either the foreman had brought the wrong barrel or Pa had misunderstood. He had broadcast turnip seed the whole field area came up packed shoulder to shoulder with turnips.

That year Pa sold our potatoes, which were a salable crop, and we lived out the year on a staple diet of turnips.


So we have some storms rolling in.  


My opinion.

WHY would the GOP put Cruz on the stage.  WHY!  They have REALLY messed things up.  It's not that Trump is bad enough (for most people) but the constant belly flops and brain farts in all other things that is getting me.    

It shows that if you want someone that has zero experience in anything political - this is what you get. A disaster where nobody is actually saying HOW they will "fix" America (which ain't broken) but more how not to let someone else, who is more positive, try to do her job.

Once again the GOP is running a FEAR campaign.  Keep America Afraid Again.  

We are watching the death of the GOP as we knew it.  When I was a kid the Republicans were the adults in politics and the Democrats were the children.  It seems the roles have been switched. 

I pray the REAL Republicans can see what has happened and can work for the next decade or two to make themselves relevant again.  We need checks and balances and we need two parties that act like adults. 

But this is what happens in America politics.  One party in charge (The Republicans for the last bunch of years) take over for a decade or so and get full of themselves and go to far and then the other party takes over for a decade or two.   

And on a somber note - a Trump adviser came out and said Hillary Clinton "should be executed!" 

With all the deaths lately (a new one just today where police shot an unarmed black caretaker of an autistic individual as he lay on the ground with his hands in the air)  . . . this is an adviser to Trump? 

REALLY? calling for an execution?   Is this making America great again? 



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