Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Columbus positivity - EV Melotte Flashbacks

We are in a stretch of weather that is SUMMER NORMAL.  No extreme highs or lows,  just a long string of average weather for late summer.  Upper 70s and an 80 here and there with passing thunderstorms off and on.  AWESOME.


Columbus - I am so optimistic about how Columbus is growing.  So much good news.  I tend not to talk about Columbus as much as before as some people seem to think that since I'm an alderman I have to say everything exactly correct or else I'm giving out false information . . . like I'm some sort of news agency or something.

However - last year we had approximately 16 new homes built and this year another 10 are slated along with a four-plex. But there are other signs.  A national company, organically, decided Columbus was a good place to set up shop without "us" recruiting them. They did their own market research and O'Reilly Automotive decided they could make money in Columbus. We were a good place to grow their business - THAT is a good sign.

Then there is Fromm Brothers Fur and Ginseng Farm which you might know as Fromm Family Foods who now make pet food for independent pet food stores.  Because Columbus has in the past 4 years become business friendly and as they say "the climate has changed in Columbus"  they are doubling the size of their factory which will have an impact on the financial books of Columbus and in the past 5 years they have seen sales increase 7 fold.

I have heard this a few times in the past few months. "The business climate has changed in Columbus"  we are actually a place companies are looking at all of a sudden.  We are not anti-business like in the past.  Look at the TIF area by the Travel Center.  That has been a great success so far and is exceeding expectations with growth.  Our problem now is we are land locked.  Columbus does not have a lot of land for expansion.

On a personal note I feel the city council is continuing to attract people that really want to help Columbus, not just to fill the empty seats.  Columbus has come a long way in the last 4 years.  Are there problems? Sure, but if I look back on where we were and where we are  -  wow.  You might not see it but there is palpable growth (which rereading this does not make sense,   palpable "able to be touched or felt.".

When I moved here there was some serious doom and gloom darkness hovering over Cbus. What a depressed little city this was.    

Now, our financials are in real good shape, roads are being torn up and fixed. Departments are working in unison.  Houses are being built, new business are arriving and more coming (we need more PIZZA places and craft beer establishments).

Then we have an Olympian from Columbus and let's not forget a Major League baseball player who pitched against Lou Gehrig . . Bob Poser.  I'll have more on him at some other time.  I did a lot of research look at box scores from the 1900s.

So - I went to bed last night feeling pretty darn good about Columbus which if you are an alderman is a good thing as we get zero positive feedback - it's pretty much a constant stream of complaints and insults in this job.  WHICH - I honestly totally understand but it can wear on you.



Summer of 1936. I am walking along a scythed path at the edge of the hay-field. It is very hot. The sun burns through my shirt. I am being pelted with grasshoppers. It feels as if I am surrounded by dozens of hands tossing acorns at me. Some hit me and bounce away, but most cling with scratchy feet. I walk with my hands over my face, breathing and seeing through the slits between my fingers, to keep the grasshoppers out of my nose and eyes.


Holway, in the winter of '39-'40. I am eleven. I am angry with my mother. It has something to do with her favoritism of Wayne. It's always been there, rve always accepted it as natural, after all, he's a film. For some reason this particular time is too much. I am I am furious! I pull on my coat and cap, grab my mittens and galoshes. Mother says, "Just where do you think you're going?" I answer, "Out!" and open the door. Mother is saying, "You get back here!" rm outside, pulling on my galoshes, sliding into my skis. Mother is at the door. "Evelyn May Granzow you come back here this minute!" I ski down the long driveway.

Before I reach the creek crossing I cut into the woods toward a place where the creek bank is very high and steep. Much too steep to attempt on skis that have only an instep strap to keep them on. It's about twenty feet high and it doesn't level off to the bottom. The steep bank breaks off sharply at the snow and ice covered creek. If I made it to the bottom the ski tips would be on the creek and the back ends would be on the bank and the middles would be in the air. It might even break the skis. I turn back to get a good run at it and ski as fast as ever I can to that bank, go over, fall down, lose my skis, slide and tumble and fall and land on the ice with a thud that knocks my breath out. I get up, recover my skis, climb out, put the skis back on and do it again.

And again, and again, and again.

EV Melotte

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