Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sound Bar FUBR and Gladys - by EV Melotte

HOT HOT  87 for a high today but that is a nice temperature - it's the 72 degree dew point that will suck your breath away.  Relief is coming  TOMORROW!


From the just published US Election Project

"Between 2000 and 2014, there have been 834,065,926 votes cast in general elections in the United States.

Of those ballots, there were only 35 credible cases of voter fraud.

That means that over that 14 year period the 50 states did not combine to average a single case of voting fraud per state.

HOWEVER - Wisconsin was one of those State as Robert Monroe is accused of voting 11 times for Scott Walker.

Of course Trump is already saying if he loses it will be because of massive voter fraud.  And really? according to an unnamed source - he has asked three times in security meetings "if we have nukes, why can't we use them"?    It seems he watches the news over 10 hours a day.  Dude step away from TV . . .maybe try reading the Constitution.


It's amazing the things we are learning from my moms writing.


Gladys - from the writings of EV Melotte

Gladys was such an important part of my life that she must have her story, although much of her story is too long and complicated---and uncertain ----to give it in full. My memories of her are fragmentary and hazy. All I know for certain is that she came shortly after I was born and took full charge of me for three years. Her stay with us ended, everyone now agrees, when she left the house for a few minutes and in her absence my mother threw all her belongings out into the yard and locked the doors against her.

Gladys was the daughter of my father's first wife, by her first husband. She, (Gladys) had kept in touch with Pa after the divorce. Her mother had died, and at the time I was born she was being passed around among reluctant relatives who really didn't want another mouth to feed. Shortly after my birth Pa had written to ask her if she would come to us to help take care of the new baby. She came at once. She was then fourteen years old.

She took full charge of me. She fed me and changed me and bathed me and rocked me and loved me. I know those first four things because the family has told me. I know the last of them because all of those fragmentary memories are golden. In everything except the biological sense she was my mother. My whole known world was Me-and-Gladys.

Gladys spoke English well enough to get along, but she was more at home in Spanish. She spoke Spanish to me. I'm told that when I started talking my first language was Spanish.

One day she wasn't there, and she didn't come bac and nobody admitted to knowing where she was, or why she had gone. I knew she wouldn't have gone away forever or she would have taken me along. Ma was angry when I kept crying and asking when she was coming back. She slapped me and told me never to mention that name again.

Three-year-olds can grieve, and the grief can be mixed with bewilderment and fear. I grieved for a long time.

I was forty-eight years old, sitting and drinking coffee at the kitchen table with my husband, when he glanced out the screen door and said, "We're getting company---". I leaned forward to look through the door.. There was an elderly woman, short,, overweight, with a wrinkled face and short, frizzy gray hair, walking slowly up the driveway. My coffee cup went flying into the next room, I hit the screen door running and tore down the drive, arms out, screaming, "Gladys!"!" Her arms opened and took me injust as they had forty-five years earlier, and we cried together.

She stayed for the rest of the day. She told me Pa had found her another job and advised her never to visit or contact me. "Evelyn's so young," he had said "If she doesn't see you and no one mentions you she'll forget all about you in a few days."

She had kept in touch with Pa, and knowing he didn't pay much attention to me she also kept in touch with our nearest neighbors to be sure I was all right. The day I started school she had hidden in the woods to watch me walk by. She was relieved to see I looked healthy, but sorry to see me walking alone. She said, "Gilbert or Wayne should have walked with you." She was silent for a moment and then spoke the only words she ever said against Ma or Pa. "Your parents didn't take very good care of their children."

Before she left she gave me her address and phone number in Rhode Island. I wrote to her three times, but the letters always came back stamped "No forwarding address." Her phone number was "No longer in use." I never heard from her again.


Hit a 47 last night which included an 8 on a par 5 and a 7 on a par 4.  grrrrrr,  I'd have to back to 2012 when I had a streak of 4 rounds in a row to find a better set of rounds.   Of course so long ago I seemed to be a better golfer as I had more <50 .="" .or="" about="" captured="" either="" flame="" have="" i="" just="" luck.="" m="" my="" nbsp="" o="" or="" out="" p="" rounds.="" to="" youth="">
Actually it's been my ability to get off the tee . . . and chipping and putting.  Maybe I just love playing soaking wet with sweat (I actually do love golfing when it's HOT).


We purchased a sound bar for our little TV.  This is the 3rd sound bar I have "installed" so I knew there were going to be some hoops to jump through as there always is but this time.  WOW    

I unpack this weird shaped box and finally get to the instructions in the middle of the box.  The first thing the instructions have is how to unpack the box (which is now in 8 pieces).

I start reading the USER MANUAL and am following along when instruction #6 says BEFORE you do the first six things make sure the battery is in the remote.  Seriously?  Now they say that?

It's all hooked up, I have linked the blue tooth to everything and am ready.  I hit the ON button and
NOTHING.  I move cords around - NOTHING.  I look at TROUBLE SHOOTING.

The unit will not turn on.
Is the power cord connected into the outlet
> Connect the power plug to the outlet

Thank you Professor Obvious - it was one of the first things I did.

I actually do not know how that got fixed but I did get power.  The next problem was they only gave me an optical cable to go from the TV to the sound bar.  hmmmmmm. No optical on the TV.   Both the TV and sound bar have HDMI plugs so I got a HDMI cable laying around and go to plug it in   but the sound bar has HDMI-IN and HDMI OUT (ARC).  hmmmmm

I struggle and get nothing switching the cable back and forth - then I see "For more complete instructions go to the website".  I go to the site and see it's HDMI(ARC) on the TV to HDMI-OUT(ARC) (which makes no sense) on the sound bar.   NOTHING.

I call up Samsung and they walk me though it and they say "no it's HDMI-IN".  We work on things for 20 minutes and they finally advise me to call the TV manufacture which I do.

I talk to them and they actually have a plan.  We go through 5 different menus on the little TV and  . . NOTHING . . . .until I put the plug into HDMI-OUT(ARC) on the sound bar (which still makes no sense to me)  BINGO!!!!  it works.

Sounds great  . . . for what it is.

and that is my sound bar story.  People that write instructions infuriate me when they really don't know the subject.



  1. Your mom knew how to make the reader hang on every word. Fascinating story, perfectly told.

  2. I think her writing is wonderful. Did she publish a book?