Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Get your waders on.

As of 8:30 we had 0.65 inches of rain.  It should continue until . . . . .sometime Friday. Have Saturday off and start up again Sunday until sometime Tuesday.

I guess I won't mow the lawn today.


I don't know WHAT the golf outing was Saturday at Kestrel Ridge but OMG.  While on my patio 3 houses were hit including one broken window and one child hit on the wrist next door.  Not once did anyone yell fore, just a lot of laughter and driving very fast past the houses.


OK no presidential comments today, we shall see how things are next Tuesday - HOWEVER - what about the Senate.  Right now the Democrat's have a 53% chance to take control.  In Wisconsin Feingold has a 92.6% chance of beating Johnson.


I got my blood work numbers.  It still flows.  My HDL is still low even after I dropped 12 pounds in the last 2 years and workout 3 times a week. Don't tell me this has something to do with eating better food.  sigh!

I will release my med records if asked!  I think people know more about me then they do Trump.


Remember Jonbenet Ramsey?  That little issue has been solved finally. Fascinating 4 hours on TV.  The kid did it with the flashlight.  Seems it was not the first time he hit her.  The parents were protecting the only child they had left.  Seems Jonbenet stole some pineapple from his bowl and he went berserk and smashed her head (again) but this time not with his train tracks (the two marks that police said was a stun gun) but a large flashlight.

The police department REALLY messed everything up on their investigation and then covered up their mistakes. Explains why the neighborhood refused to talk to anybody (they knew). But back then the son was 6 and the law could not touch him. And they can't touch him now so no arrests.

HOWEVER - there are always some that will disbelieve.  I plead Occam's razor


According to GoBankingRates - 29% of the people that make $150,000 a year have less then $1000 in savings.


The Cincinnati Reds gave up their 242th homerun last night - the most ever for one team in the MLB.


OK OK - Donald Trumps Charity, on 4 occasions used $250,000 to settle lawsuits for his business. Seems like a legit business move for people that believe he is an awesome businessman. Of course that is against the law but Donald makes his own laws.  CON MAN!!!


Tonight Survivor premiers - a show I have applied for a few times.  After Survivor is the season finale' of Big Brother.

Each year after the 1st episode of Big Brother, Survivor and Amazing Race a few of us pick the top 8 finalists in order giving points to who ends up the closest.  All we have to go on is 1st impressions and their bio's.  This year I won the trifecta winning all three shows.  In fact in Big Brother I STILL have the top 2 of the 3 players left.  

That's it

Get your waders on.

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