Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Who is me anyway

Everybody is wondering how I did in Fanduel Daily Fantasy Sports.  Well . . . I lost my 0.7.  I had 122.7 and to beat the other 50 I needed 123.4.  Dez Bryant had one catch for 13 yards.  Give me 7 more yards and I win.  SIGH!!


I had blood work today and they took 4 vile's of blood out of me.  I know their scheme. First they take small amounts of skin off me every year and now blood. They have been creating a clone of me secretly for the last 60 years.  Am I the original me??  I know longer know. Are there two of me?  That is why you guys get so confused at times. 

In a related story - - -

If you ever have a chance to see MOON, a low budget movie that is very very good do so.

Yea - that will make you think!!   WHO AM ME!!!


According to recent polls on what Trump supporters believe . . . . . . 50% really ARE deplorable, but some are nice.

The majority believe Blacks are less intelligent then whites, they believe blacks are less motivated then whites, 45% say they could not vote for a Muslim President which makes them Islamophobic.

Sorry sorry - I actually had my first bad dream last night on Trump. Seriously, a con-man who is ONLY running to make millions and does not even WANT to win.  He is doing this only for the money and fame and is even working on a book.  A bonifide con-man who has conned America to giving him millions of dollars to use as he pleases.  He raises the price of his hotel rooms 400% when he has meetings for his campaign.


The US Census Bureau says America had it's largest jump in take home pay EVER since they started keeping track in 1968.


Michigan abolished the law making motorcyclist wear helmets a few years ago.  Since that time motorcycle deaths have risen 23%.  Monday the GOP sponsor of the bill was killed in a motorcycle accident . . .he was wearing a helmet.

Yea - surprise ending on that one  :-)


Colorado brought in about $22 million in taxes from cannabis in July.  Think how some of that could fix the HORRIBLE 151to Madison.

Speaking of the 151 "fix".  I wonder if people with epilepsy will have issues driving south on The 151.  I would be VERY worried of seizures.  And what about winter when those 200 squares are being scraped of snow.  Think their will be a problem?  It actually seems rougher then what it WAS!

We should have a small tax raise on gas to help pay for roads. Make the people who use roads pay for them.  BUT NO!  The GOP wants even poor people to pay for roads, even if they don't have a car.  Let's BORROW money and let the next poor slob worry about it.  Kick that can down the road.

OH  - I put an additive in my gas tank called Fuel Juels and I cannot find one thing that says this is a scam.  It is time release over 6 months - very sciencey. 


I'll let you know in a few thousand miles. I normally believe most of these things are fake but so far I have found nothing.  7% increase in MPG over 6 months ain't too bad and that is only one of the benefits!


Do you wear reading glasses?  Toss them out.  There is a brand new procedure that will do away with reading glasses and it takes 5 minutes (but costs $3000).  Within 15 minutes of the proc you will no longer need reading glasses.  Pretty simple procedure


Lot's of leaked documents from Walkers John Dow thingy are turning up.  WOW - a LOT of outside money (millions) on his re-election campaign came from Trump and Las Vegas.  BUT - never convicted!  I'm sure we will hear more in the coming days!




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