Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why I'm voting for Clinton

OH - it's raining.

Yesterday on Facebook I said 2-5 inches coming.  Perhaps I was a little conservative.  Columbus received 2.98 last night and should expect at least that much if not more all day today and tonight.


Many people post anti Trump propaganda on the internet trying to show Trump supporters the folly of their ways.  Then they go after Trump supporters when the Trump-etts post anti Clinton propaganda saying, “if you are so pro-Trump, why not boast about all his wonderfulness instead of anti-Clinton propaganda".  Yet, all they do is fling shit at Trump supporters

So – since I am one of those people that literally cannot fathom why anyone thinks this lying snake oil salesmen should be President, let me explain why I believe Clinton is the most qualified candidate in US history.

A few things that I believe

1.- America is the leader of the FREE world. Not England, not Spain, not Brazil.  America.  America is what brings stabilization to this world.

2. I believe that the Secretary of State is, in reality, the 2nd most powerful person in government. The Secretary of State is the true negotiator for everything in world politics.

While some may disagree on some things that Clinton has negotiated as the Secretary of State, remember that she is following instructions and is not in a position to disagree with POTUS.  His or her job is to do what POTUS commands and do it very very well and most of the time behind the scenes whether she agrees or not.  Trump is a rookie in negotiation with his tiny buildings and golf courses screwing people for profit while Clinton has been dealing with entire countries and literally millions of people’s lives.

Yes, there is weirdness to Clinton’s past, or at least that is what we are constantly being told by the conspiracy theory machine factory section of the GOP but are they connected to negotiating with world peace and geopolitics?

She is married to a man who was President of the United States for 8 years and knows the issues and what it takes to make tough decisions. She was Secretary of State for 5 years and knows, as much as any living human, the players and the personalities of all foreign leaders and sub leaders and wanna be leaders, what they are up to, what they are thinking and why they are thinking it.

When it comes to American problems, that is normally up to Congress and the House, not POTUS who’s job is to show a general direction and give a final stamp of approval to what Congress has submitted.  POTUS is not just leading America, POTUS is the leader of the free world. The House and Congress run the Country.

Who would you rather have in charge at the top.  Someone who has spent a lifetime understanding the world and it’s politics?  Or someone who has built golf courses with his daddy’s money.  

All the things that Americans complain about are NOT anything POTUS can change without the House and Congress presenting change first.  If you want America to change you do that by electing Senators and Representatives who can then submit those changes to POTUS.

If you are angry at conditions in America, be angry at the GOP controlled House and Senate for the last 8 years. Be angry at the people making these decisions.  

But I digress.

Clinton has the most experience and is the most qualified person to handle world affairs in American history and has proven to actually BE an expert negotiator and will work with the other side of the aisle if they are open to it.

That is why I’m voting for Clinton.  

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