Thursday, October 6, 2016

"If you are scared to hurt them, don't come in my barn"

For my friends heading to Orlando tomorrow. Latest forecast for Orlando. Some rain (5 to 7 inches) with sustained winds at 77 and gust to 100.  Peak should be (oddly) 4:45 which was when their plane should be landing . . . if it can.  Saturday will be the better day of the weekend and Sunday will be gorgeous.

My artist friends have said the Winter Park Art fair (just north of Orlando) has been canceled. Easy Up canopies have problems in winds nearing 75 it seems.

Speaking of art.  I will have about 21 large images up at The Workshop fir the next few months and a "Meet the Artist" "reception is being held Saturday 1 - 3 at THE WORKSHOP (insert echo).  I'll also have smaller 8x12 matted prints and smaller canvas prints.


Here are some things I bet you did not want to know about the 2016 baseball season.

This past season ranked as the 12th most Hit By Pitch per plate appearance in MLB history.

There were more Wild Pitches per game that ever.

Starting Pitchers outings lasted shorter then ever and the shear number of relief pitchers was a record high. HOWEVER, it didn't work as this year the late inning comeback made a comeback.

And lastly - say so long to bunting.   Bunting is not extinct but it's on the endangered list of valid baseball strategy's as the amount of bunts fell off a cliff.  For the past 58 years there was a bunt every 83.9 plate appearances and it's been pretty steady. This year, once every 134 plate appearances.

OH - my Expansion team draft. I now have 8 of the 30 players drafted. Long process.  There is a serious lack of 1Bs and 3Bs.  I talked about the knowledge Strat-o-matic people have about players.  Here is an example.  They know exactly how good or bad each pitcher can bunt (speaking of bunts). Talk about semi useless information rattling around in your head.


"If you are scared to hurt them, don't come in my barn"

I will no longer be quiet about the Carson and Barnes Circus that comes to Columbus every year. Their cruelty to their animals is shocking after the USDA inspected their operation last year and found MANY nightmarish things.  Remember Nina their chained elephant?  DEAD. The circus called her there "beloved family member" and the USDA found her chained to a barn and 500 pounds lighter. Their hippo also died recently, she was "found dead" on the inspection.

Their llama had "excessively overgrown hooves" and an undercover video showed their remaining elephants being hit with bullhooks and shocked with stun guns when they did not do their tricks correctly.

Does the city of Columbus condone mistreatment of animals so we can get more money?