Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Subliminal Lobotomy

Ever since the Presidential debate last week I've been a little silent. I believe the reason is that I witnessed was some sort of subliminal lobotomy experiment that the American Government forced on us.  I know when the "debate" was over DJ and I just sat there with our mouths open and popcorn all over ourselves as we continued to miss our mouths.

Then last night there were to two white guys yelling at each other with their indoor voices.  I did not have the opportunity to watch them and would have preferred to have a stick in my eye but luckily I had City Council.

On the election front, Clinton continues to widen her lead and now is at a 75.0% chance of winning the election according to Nate Silvers team.  Up from 54.8% on Sept 26 and 49% on July 30th.

The blue guys now have a 63.6% chance of winning the Senate and Feingold has a 94.6% chance of beating Johnson and Walker still claims he has never been convicted so therefore he is innocent.


In local news Avalon will have a slurry seal put over the road maybe TODAY?  Depends on the weather as he will have a passing front produce a quickie shower this afternoon before the main event tomorrow and the massive cool down.

Then there is that blasted stop sign near the travel center.  Seems the stop LIGHTS are on order and will be here in 2 to 4 weeks.  ummmmmm . . . did someone forget to press that last "ARE YOU SURE" button when ordering the lights?  I saw cars backed up PAST Walgreens a few days ago.

FUBR.  It will look GREAT when it's finished

NEW PIZZA - A new pizza place is about to open in the old MaMa Mia's. Bistro Racian. Rumor says the owner used to work at Cafe La Bellitalia in Madison.  Good luck. We always need more pizza.

You know the Chris Columbus statue outside of Columbus?  Many months ago we signed a contract with the DOT which stated there would be no need to move Chris during construction.  Now the DOT has come back saying "You better move that as we made a mistake - disregard that contract we signed."  Well, we can't get to it because there is private property all around it and it weights a ton (actually many tons).  "we" are looking into new places for it.

Garbage - Council heard from four waste removal companies last night as the current contract with the new guys comes to an end. All four have good and bad things which amount to about 50 double sided pages of garbage contract reading.

So along with reading 50 double sided pages of garbage I have been a obsessing on 60 double sided pages of the GABL Constitution for a baseball league that I was awarded an expansion team. I have been preparing for our expansion draft which started last night) and lasted until midnight and will continue tonight.

This is where non-sports baseball junkies can tune out.

This is a batters card for Strat-o-matic baseball game.  The game was developed in 1965 and in the Hall of Fame.  I've been playing it since 1968 but this is the first league I have been in for a few decades.  A friend of mine has been in the DELCAL league for 38 years.  Baseball junkies take the game pretty seriously.  I mean REALLY seriously (to the tune of thousands of dollars).

Just to give you a clue, a player has 3 dice, 1 red and 2 white.  The red die tells you what column to look at and if it's the pitchers card or batter.  The white dice are totaled and cross referenced to see teh result of the play.  Over the long run a players statistics will come very close to his actual real life statistics with some standard fluctuation.  Plus what ballpark a player is playing in comes into play. A home run hitter in Milwaukee, one of the top home run parks will flounder in Oakland (my ball park for the next 3 years) and all sorts of nuances on those cards. It seems simple but there are many layers.

The league that I was awarded a team tries to match real life with contracts and financials including a farm system of players not yet in the majors.  So when drafting I can't just pick the best players (of the 300 cast offs we were give to choose from) as I have to look at their salary and contracts and options and so forth.  A manager has to plan many years down the road.

ANYWAY - I was able to make 2 picks last night and my number one pick was Billy Hamilton.  This morning I'm doing some reading and he has the slowest exit speed of a batted ball in the majors. AMAZINGLY slow.  But he is so fast he can get to 1st base before the ball reaches the fielder.  Not unlike a young Carlos Gomez . . but faster.  Got him for 3 years and an option year. According to Baseball Prospectus he is one of the fastest players EVER in the MLB.

My other pick was Robbie Ray a starting pitcher from Arizona.

Nuff said - I AM alive and doing well.