Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tom Dooley and Ken Bone

What a wonderful few days it's been since the last blog, hurricanes, Trump, football, gallery receptions, 4 day 20 hour baseball drafts, more Trump and then Kenneth Bone . . . .

What  Kenneth Bone?  Yea, the new internet sensation, Ken Bone.  The dude with
the mustache and red sweater at the 2nd "debate" seems to have hit on something and in many polls he won the debate.  I won't go into it because I frankly don't understand it but Mr. Bone says the last 12 hours has been surreal as he has become the newest 15 minute internet sensation.  

As of this morning his red sweater has sold out on Amazon. Before the debate he had 12 Twitter followers, this morning 78,000 and growing.

OH, Ken Bone Halloween costumes are a hot hot item.  


Friday that weirdo Trump news popped up about The Donalds kind words about woman (seriously, this was tame compared to what will be coming out in the next few weeks - he called one contestant on The Apprentice the "c" word, they cut that out.) and what I found fascinating was the silence on social media.  Typically a hot bed of political spewing.  

Vin Scully would be proud.  He always said let the crowd do your talking for you. Well, Friday the crowd was silenced in a dumbfounded gobsmacked way.  In fact I don't think social media has really recovered yet for political spewing.  Let the words talk for themselves.

Note - this was written yesterday - seem social media is back in full swing this morning.  

At the moment, without the weekend factored in yet Nat Silver's site (who predicted all 50 States 4 years ago) has Clinton with a 83.6% chance of winning.  It must be hard to get above 85%.  Latest polls are in the Clinton +10% range but those are National Polls which are meaningless.  It all comes down to individual States and the Electoral Collage which is a good thing.

The Electoral Collage makes it so politicians have to campaign to ALL people.  A candidate not only needs a majority but he (or she) needs a super majority. They can't just focus on the big cities. It also empowers minorities and the poor as it gives them a stronger voice. People who are anti Electoral Collage don't understand it.   


Hurricane Matthew jogged east at the perfect time Friday morning saving Florida and all the people who refused to leave their homes can now say "I told you so". My neighbors made it to Orlando.  In fact I know of two Columbus families at Disney World this week.  


Saturday I had the "gallery" opening at The Workshop and I met a new resident of Columbus who found out about the Workshop from this blog.  Actually she was looking for information on The Kurth and started surfing my other blogs and found info about road closings and so forth.  I told her Columbus Connects on Facebook has good Columbus information and The Official City Website is updated every so often so check up on that site (although I didn't see anything about Dix Street or Avalon being closed which would have been nice).

This 3x5 foot canvas will have a home in Rome WI before the week is out.  Biggest COWS yet.  Don't those cats look 3Dish?

My baseball draft - OMG - it took so long but really for each manager it was 10 minutes a pick (30 picks (30 more to go at some point). Four days, 20 hours.  Finally getting over at midnight Saturday and 1:00 on the east coast (where 2 managers live) .

There is an excellent article called  What I learned from Strat-o-matic and what it is.  


DJ and I took a drive to the Horicon Marsh Monday to walk the floating boardwalk. Sadly the Horicon Marsh seems to be under repair as there is scant water.  According to signs they are draining the marsh to allow for more/better/natural weeds to grow which in turn will bring more vibrant wildlife.  

HOWEVER - We stopped at Tom Dooleys Orchard and purchased some amazing apple pastries!  

Here is the thing with Tom Dooley.  I used to play an according in Melotte's Melody Mixup's - parades and so forth when I was a wee lad. 

That's my dad directing.  The story goes that a Music Man came to Fort Atkinson and sold a ton of accordions to families in Fort.  Then  just like the movie The Music Man left town leaving everybody high and dry with accordians they had no idea how to play.  My dad, who it seemed did not play accordion, learned and to make money started teaching kids how to play.  It SEEMED he was a great teacher.  

Well, I had no choice but to learn to play accordion, something I rarely admit to in public because  . well,  IT'S AN ACCORDION).

So there I was, a chick magnet at the age of 4 (the magnetism seems to wear off very fast) and I would play at the equivalent of Oddtoberfests in Fort Atkinson and my song was "Tom Dooley" which is a really downer song if you ask me with lyrics like "When the sun rises tomorrow, Tom Dooley must hang"  and other fun dance lyrics like "Met her on the mountain, stabbed her with my knife".

And people wonder why I'm twisted?  LOOK AT ME - if that is not a cry for help what is!

And to be honest I'm not even sure that is me in that photo but they all say it is. I also thought I was 1/4 American Indian all my life until the Mormons (Ancestry dot com) told me I wasn't with a DNA check.



Lastly - another image from the Winter Park area that I found in my files.   

OH - Anytime Fitness now has Battle Ropes.  I have been on them since day one to get Battle Ropes for arms and shoulders and finally they got them.  awesome awesome workout!  I could barley lift a beer last night.

Not Me - and not my photo

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