Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1st Winter-like storm cometh - MARS

The average high on this date is 44 degrees so when we get 20 degrees above average later this week . . .don't get all soft.  There is a winter storm coming but luckily it will be too warm for snow accumulation.  The highs Saturday through Monday will be in the middle 30s but the REAL threat of snow is next Tuesday with a possibility of 1 to 3 inches of rain/snow slush but it's a long way off yet and frankly - I'm not seeing it.

OH - Saturday it will be REALLY windy! Windchills Sunday morning will be in the 13 area.

At this time last year 7.7% of the United States had snow on the ground but as we have all seen, hell froze over last Tuesday and this year 0% of the US has snow cover.


Speaking of hell freezing over.  Did Glenn Beck have a stroke?  No seriously, what happened? Am I having a stroke?

He said the President-elect's Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon: "... is a terrifying man.".

I mean it 's one thing to ME to say Trump has hired a bunch of science denying, greed worshippers who preach intolerance, violence and hate and violent attacks against minorities in our schools up  400%,  but then,  to hear I'm on the same side as Glenn Beck?

What is happening to the world.  Glenn Beck and the Pope are on the same side?  I'm thinking this is a movie in the making with Tom Hanks racing around former America looking for the secret code that will restore things to their normal state.

* since The Donald started running for office - according to the FBI hate crimes against Muslims has risen 67% 

Hear is something interesting, Trumps walk-back on immigration. His newest proposal . . .is exactly what Obama promised in his 1st term WHICH, included deporting undocumented all immigrants with crimes including traffic fines or shoplifting.  However Obama changed that recently to only serious crimes.  In 2012 Obama deported 400,000 undoc's but with the new rules of only serious crimes 250,000 were deported last year. So let's not get TOO anal about Trump and immigration. He is just proposing what Obama proposed.  

There arn't 2 to 3 million undoc's with criminal records to deport anyway.


Mortgage rates are zooming up and from reports home builders are scaling back on building plans. The number of home loans are dropping like a rock which will hurt the housing recovery which according to the Mortgage News Daily is coming to an abrupt halt.  The price of homes spiked so we have expensive houses and raising interest rates.  Not a great sign.

Where was this 10 years ago when we were trying to sell our house in Madison.  We had 2 weeks to sell our house or stay in Madison.  We sold on a coin flip. A couple could not decide on 2 houses and literally flipped a coin.  WE WON (or did Columbus lose).


Watched the new MARS series on Natl Geo channel and it's REALLY good.  A mix of documentary and adventure.

Also for Downton Abby people "The Durrells of Corfu" on PBS is wonderful.

Sci-Fi - on Netflix "Dark Matter" season 2 is better then season one and "The Crown" is fascinating.


DJ and I purchased snowshoes for this winter  and Wisconsin is right in the average zone for everything for the next 3 months. Well, maybe a LITTLE colder and a LITTLE wetter but not by a lot.

Nuff said