Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm not dead

It's been a while.  I've been digesting the lifetime insiders, billionaires who want to loosen Wall Street and bank regulations, convicted thieves who gave classified info to their mistresses and "white nationalists (also called neo Nazis) into the White House.  So so proud of America.

All his picks have been VERY hard line establishment (sort of like Putin his hero did)

The BIG question is the 25th amendment. In a time of crisis (which always happens) who will the Cabinet want to handle it. Trump? or Pence.  They can vote to oust Trump. Who will they be loyal too.  Can you believe this is even in the conversation?  This is making America great again?

The Cabinet really reflects more of Pence's ideology then Trumps who is almost mentally ill.  I feel. Trump is an outsider among a LARGE group of insiders.  Trump's time as POTUS might be rather short.  SURPRISE!!   The betting markets have Trump finishing his 4 years at about a 60% chance.    
At least we are now on the edge of  . . .something.

Seriously though - I HOPE this new group does GREAT.  I really doubt it and if they don't is is 100% their fault. They have no one to blame now!

But I digress.


Had finger X-rays that turned out negative but it stills hurts like an SOB and is wrapped. But the big news is I'm having a tooth extraction this afternoon.  What fun!  Actually I have zero fear of dentists. Even with 5 root canals (limestone teeth and no fluoride in my drinking water as a youth) and I'm fine with a dentist - just give me the best drugs and I'm good to go!  Well, seems TWO root canals have failed so #1 tooth is getting pulled later this afternoon.


Monday I gave presentations to a group of home schooled kids and my biggest complement was not actually directed at me but I overheard a mother telling her son that they needed to get him software to do what I was doing and he BEAMED with joy.

It reminded me of when my dad purchased my first calculator. Changed my life (I still have my bamboo slide ruler).    


Every year we get HBO for a few months and we have been watching West World (awesome) and an hilarious show called Silicon Valley about some geeky programmers.  LOL funny and if you are a IT guy even funnier.


After I had my x-rays it was 10:20 and I was hungry - the only thing I can eat at McDonalds is A Big Breakfast.  I rushed to McDoanlds and was in line.  It was going to be close.  The guy ahead of me was ordering cheeseburgers and coffee and there was confusion on his order.  Just as he handed over his money the menu flipped.

I order a Big Breakfast . . . sorry . . . the menu flipped, we can't serve a Big Breakfast.  REALLY?  It JUST flipped.  That's the rules.  But we have all day breakfast the guy said.  You DON'T have all day breakfasts I said. You have an expanded menu!   OTHERWISE you would have THE BIG BREAKFAST!  I was sort of loud I guess and walked out!

OK - nuff - hard enough to type without using my index finger.  Just wanted to say I was not dead