Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm over it.

We we work through our 5 stages of grief

Denial and Isolation 

White House Staff looking on as Obama greets Trump



You go to Baba Yaga’s chicken-legged shack on the edge of the forest. “Please,” you say. “Take anything you want. I will make any trade. My free press? My bodily autonomy? My voice? My right to a place at the table?”
Baba Yaga looks at you, confused. “You must trade something you still have.
After the Packer game I was sure I would wake up and it was STILL all a dream 

and Acceptance

Remember - even though the new Trump tax plan will make the average married couple with 2 kids pay  $2,4400 more in taxes (they lose the $4000 in exemptions for each person) to make up for businesses getting a tax breaks.  And even though we have a white supremacists now as chief policy adviser . . . . . there are a few things we can rejoice over.

1. Chris Christie was thrown under the bus . . . but that bus is stuck on a bridge somewhere and he can't get to any meetings.

2. I can't wait to see the Trump Presidential Library where every book will have a photo of himself on it.

3. I am done with intellect in all forms when it comes to politics.


With that said -  "we" are ALMOST finished with the Columbus budget meetings and on a personal lever (not speaking for ANYBODY else) this has been the best process yet.  No, seriously.

Columbus has a valuation of 3 million more (does not help as much as you would think)  then last year and ALL departments have been working together.  For those that witnessed the budget process a few years ago and commented "that was the most convoluted process EVER in Columbus".

It was not that way this year and EVERY budget line has been looked at even down to volleyball purchases.  MUCH more time consuming but for ME, it's the first time I have seen an entire picture of every department in a clear, concise way.  Bravo.

The James Street reconstruction next year, that was billed as a $12 million project,  came in a little over $9 million. The DOT pays for a lot of it but Columbus still has to pay a percentage so a drop in $3 million is GREAT.


OH - back the National election - every single state that had cannabis on their ballot . . .won

1 out of every 5 Americans now have access to legal cannabis!

Here is what I believe in this whole new (yet going backwards) world.

There is no need to get angry NOW.  There is nothing we can do that will change anything except make Trump mad.  We now NEED him to stay in office. Seriously. Trump is the level headed guy (oops, a little throw-up happened in my mouth)  compared to having a Tea Party President Pence who will force Americans to have expensive funerals for unborn fetuses (like in Indiana).  THAT is the REAL scary guy!

Trump does not want to be a President.  It was a bet and now he is stuck with it. We can either work with him and try to show him the right (left) way or let him get pissed off so he sides with the Right.

He is a child and we need to treat him as such with kindness and steerage. When he told Obama he hopes to have many meetings with him . . . he is looking for a life jacket of knowledge for this cluster fuck he got himself into.  He said it himself when he said he was surprised at how MUCH a President does!!  Do you really think he expected to spend 40% of his last good years of life worrying about the world as opposed to opening golf courses?

Save your energy. America WAS Great.  4 years is a very very short time in American history and we can get through this. We will survive.

He MUST be good.  The guy applies for his very first job, EVER, President of the United States and gets it.  

And remember

We must cooperate when cooperation is warranted, but when it is not, we must use all available lawful options – political, judicial, media, academic and economic – to serve as checks and balances on a president who tries to exceed his authority. This is not the time for liberals or Democrats to become immobilized with despair, nor is it the time for violence or unlawful actions. It is a time to become energized and proactive.


Lost in Fanduel.  Tough week and just missed it.  But that was easily offset in the NBA by going
17-6 ATS.  That system is now up a whopping 56.89 units after 16 days!!   Since it averages a little less then 100 units a year  . . . . . Grinders: Dark NBA


The Milwaukee Brewers - I finally got to see what the Brewers look like defensively last year - OMG - they were the worst team I have ever seen on defense.  Seriously.  Strat-o-matic breaks down each player and there was only one player that was UP TO BAD - Skooter Gennett.

Absolutely zero range on anybody. Braun needs to be in the AL where he can DH. The shortstop (Villar) is a NIGHTMARE.   So we have pitchers in one of the best HR parks in the majors with absolutely no defense behind them.  OH - add to that that our pitchers can not hold ANYBODY on base.  Lucroy was horrible at defense.  Pathetic. I'm thinking MY arm was better then his.

BUT - they are all young.