Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shock and Awe

I really have no words so I'll let Dan Rather say something 

As Trump took the podium for his first speech, not as a party candidate but as the president-elect of the entire United States, his tone was of the utmost importance. He seemed to be reading off a prompter carefully prepared words. But he started with a statement of magnanimity for Hillary Clinton. He spoke of binding the wounds of division. He promised to be president of all Americans. He spoke of a great public works project and protecting veterans.

He was optimistic in speaking of the future. Notably missing was any talk of some of the drastically contentious hallmarks of his campaign - building a wall, a Muslim ban, the NATO allies - just to name a few.

You can be deeply skeptical of his motives and refuse to forget all that he has said and that has transpired. There is a looming verdict for history to level and it is a story still to be written. There is also a real question with Trump’s ascension whether the ends justify the means - whether the truth matters. Be all that as it may, we need to have a peaceful transition of power. That is an unmoveable hallmark of the stability of our democracy.

Trump said that campaigning was difficult. Well, governing is much more so and that is now in his hands. He has made a lot of promises. We will see what he keeps. He said their work is just beginning. That is an understatement.

The world is on edge. The country is deeply divided. The markets have gone off a cliff. World capitals are erupting in anxiety. Huge segments of the American public are in panic - going through the shock of grief. This is the world that is now Trump’s to contend with. Do we really know what we have wrought?

This is a conversation that I need you to be a part of. Do not opt out. Your voice matters now more than ever. I will continue to be here in the days and weeks ahead. And we shall endeavor, together, to find a path forward in the best of America’s ideals.


At the end of the day I won't be like the GOP hoping America fails. I want America to do well so while I disagree with a LOT of what he stands for (hate) I hope a miracle happens and he pulls this off. He has 2 years.
25 years ago I had cancer and was ordered to see a psych to deal with my emotions. I refused then to be downbeat, refused to wring my hands and see nothing but doom and gloom, it does no good. They fired me for not being depressed enough.
Same here. It does no good the be depressed and angry. Wasted effort. Wait until there is something to be down about and then make your voices heard . . again. The sun rises, (although Winter Is Coming) the economy is doing well although many people have put large projects on hold so the economy will probably come to a screeching halt. Not MY problem, HIS problem.
Don't let HIS hate infect you. Be above him. Be a better person than our President.