Monday, November 7, 2016

The last semi political blog?

JUST FIX IT!!  Get our highways fixed!!   Sign the petition !   The League has set up an online petition to where individuals can sign on to show their support for this effort.  The transportation campaign is still gathering municipal resolutions and is also now asking people to sign the online petition.

I'll just come right out and say it - Elwood and I have broken the Fanduel code and we will soon move to Las Vegas and become sharks.  Or not when the Fanduel Gods strike us down with their hideous juice.  We won two more times this weekend for 8 in a row now.

Speaking of gambling DJ and I went to Ho-Chunk for the first time in a long LONG time. At least since the new highway to get their opened.  When did THAT happen!!  We used to go there a LOT when I was counting cards with a team of 3 others (including Elwood, our rainman). Then they changed from 6 deck to 8 decks with a 50% cut off which made it impossible to count.  Side note - Elwood and Larson were kicked out of Miss Marquette LOL

Back in da day I had the Golden Shoe up dare at Hole In the Wall up north.  DJ and I were on a casino vacation going through Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We tried to play blackjack at every casino ("Grinder" comes from my blackjack days where you grind out the hours).

One of our last stops was at Hole In the Wall.  DJ had a headache and enough casinos and stayed in the car.  I just wanted to go in and play ONE shoe of blackjack to say I was there.

I sat down at a $5 table and a loud dude sat next to me.  I started placing $5 bets and the loud whale was betting $50.  As I was counting the cards (+3+2-1+1+1-1 and so forth) about 6 hands into the deck it started to turn positive and I upped my bet a little and won.  The deck kept getting better and better for me as I kept raising my bets cautiously trying to be inconspicuous but the guy beside me was yelling and pounding the table making $200 bets and also winning.  I've always wondered if he knew I was counting. He makes the loud racket and follows my lead.  Makes for a good play actually.  
At one point I was wagering green chips at $25 a pop and win win win and the whale was making mammoth bets and winning and the whole casino was watching our table (because of HIM).  We had a few floor people watching us and I knew many cameras were on us.

The shoe comes to an end. They switch dealers, shuffle and we start again.  I put out one tiny red chip for $5 and the whale starts with $200. I think he lost most of his money (maybe he didn't know) that 2nd shoe and I lost almost every hand but it was only $5 a pop for me.

Shoe over  - I thanked everyone, gave a $25 tip to the dealer and went to cash out.  I had a bucket of chips and it took a long long time as I felt every camera in the place on me.  Seriously - I stood there for 10 minutes at the cashier for no reason. Just stood there waiting.  Walked out with $600+ for 15 minutes of $5 blackjack.  The golden shoe.  DJ was delighted when I got back to the car.

I took this image Friday on Dix Street.  Frank Porth is behind me to the right if you are getting your bearings.

Dix Street Columbus Wi
And another one


Today should be a great day for the stock market as the world literally gets a glimpse that maybe Clinton can win.

Now that the FBI was caught with it's fingers in the cookie jar by trying to rig the election, markets around the world are rejoicing.

The Clinton firewall is holding and it looks like Nevada will turn blue with the huge huge amounts of Hispanic voters showing up and voting already.  The one thing Trump has done is get the Hispanic vote out.  Pretty soon the only people in the GOP will be old white people.

I don't hate Republicans, I hate their actions.

Here is the difference between Republicans and Democrats and each side is right AND wrong. Republicans are all about themselves.  "I need to protect myself" "I want lower taxes" "I want less regulations so I can do business" "Obamacare sucks because I pay more in insurance"  lower taxes so I can have more stuff,  it's all about making THEIR lives better.  Nothing wrong with that at all.

Democrat's are all about the greater good. Democrat's will suffer a little so others can get healthcare, regulations are needed for the environment. Raise taxes so more people with have access to more stuff.  Nothing wrong with that either.

What we need is a combination. Like have both sides work together for a common good.  Seems far fetched.   MAYBE both sides have had a kick in the teeth this election and they can work together. Probably not because the Tea Party faction still controls the gutless REAL GOPers.

OH - in news you might have missed. Chris Christie's political career is probably over. His two top aids were convicted of felonies a few days ago and  EVERYONE,  threw Christie under the Bridge-gate bus with ALL pointing their little felony fingers at HIM.

BUT - he was not charged as he is REALLY good (like Walker) at covering his tracks. NEVER CONVICTED!  When everyone in your administration is now in jail  . . .ya THINK the boss was clean?        

Get out and vote and make sure you asked for a I VOTED sticker.