Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas At Home = EV Melotte

There's a warm, warm feeling to Christmas,
whatever the thermometers say.
It's a pine-scented, house-happy, love-warm time
with our family all home for the day.

We have red velvet ribbons and golden bells,
and all the cards hung up to see.
We have friends dropping by, and a fire in the hearth,
and a ceiling-high Christmas tree.

Our pockets are bare, but the pantry is full,
and we're warm, and we're healthy and sound.
When the last child is home, stomping snow from his boots,
we're the wealthiest family in town.

So we wish you red ribbons and golden bells,
and snow-sparkled Christmas card weather.
We wish you a house-happy, love-warm day
and your family all home together.

        --EV Melotte

Frank Lloyd Wright Christmas Home 

I've been working on photos for a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian home in Marshall and this was a teaser I sent them to make sure I had a look/feel they were hoping for.


Major good change in weather patterns - The jet stream is moving north so we should have a more southerly flow of air blocking any more arctic intrusions.  HOWEVER - The Pacific is still pretty active so all the storms lined up will catch a ride on the jet which is right over northern Wisconsin. SO - that means we are in for a regular bout of storms either glancing us or right in the bulls eye.

Two this week, one Wednesday and another bigger one Christmas.

This weekends storm was a little letdown but still a good 7.5 inches and we have a 10.5 inch snow pack. We should be in the 30s starting Wednesday and hit it a few times in the next week.


Elwood and I had our best week yet in Fanduel.  3rd in a 100 person tournament.  2 in a 50 person and 9th in a 284 person tournament.  All different lineups.  Now 10 times in the money in the last 15.


Anyone notice in yesterdays Packer game how they threw deep in the 1st quarter, found they could get guys open and stuck it in their back pocket for a later use when they really needed a deep pass?

Well, played.


Democrats need to stop whining about the Electoral Collage and maybe instead win elections. Instead of using the EC as a scapegoat perhaps they should have understood that you need to with the Electoral Collage and NOT the popular vote.  it's two different campaigns.  And really - the three states that lost it were only by a total of 80,000 votes.  Bad luck for the American economy  as now Banks will have regulations loosened that will allow them to give out bad loans and wall street will be free for more corruption in the "trickle down" movement that never actually happens.

Wells Fargo has 41% less new accounts since last year.  Who would ever trust those thieves again. And Trump wants to loosen regulations for banks.


Between  2007 and 2012  West Virginia was sent  555,808,292 doses of hydrocodone and 224,260,980 doses of oxycodone.  That is 433 doses per person in that time period.  Meanwhile in Colorado doses have dropped 50% of those drugs and big pharmaceuticals are VERY anti cannabis because of this.

In other news - according to the American Society of Civil Engineers Wisconsin is ranked 4th worst State in the Nation for roads.  SO - we have a failing education system do to lack of funding and 4th worst roads in the US. Yet - the Governor tells us all is well and Wisconsin is doing GREAT!

And the  gullible continue to vote the same people into office.

Trump has picked Mick Mulvaney to head the Office of Management and Budget which pretty much puts the breaks on any kind of job stimulus. He is a fiscal hawk and does not want to spend ANY money on anything, including job stimulus.  He is against infrastructure borrowing.  Basically cut everything and don't spend money on anything.

"This significantly lowers the probability of big unfinanced tax cuts and big unfinanced infrastructure spending,"

We shall see.