Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Wishes - EV Melotte

My mom wrote a Christmas poem every year  when sending our Christmas cards. These seemed to be the ones she liked the most.

Christmas Wishes

May your house be full of Christmas
Long before the day appears.
May it's glow light up the season
And then linger through the years.

May you wake to birdsong daily
Feeling blessed by morning light,
And know the peace of work well done
Before you sleep each night.

May your friends be always near you
When you need them by your side.
May your children bless their home
And lift your hearts with pride.

May you walk the earth with pleasure,
May the skies be kind above,
May your hearts reflect your hearth fire
And your lives be warm with love!

              --EV Melotte


Weather YIKES!!! here comes  WINTER STORM Decima!

The talking heads on TV are saying 2 to 4 inches coming this weekend starting Friday - NOT!!!

ME?  I'm saying 8 to 13 inches starting Friday as the Pineapple Express and the Siberian Express collide over Wisconsin in another 1-2 punch.  Last weekend the 1-2 punch sort of morphed into a 1+ punch as the second punch failed to deliver and Wisconsin only got an extra inch for a total of about 7-8 inches (talking heads at this point last week were calling for 3 inches).

I'm thinking 7 inches of accumulation as we wake up Saturday and then another 4 Saturday as the winds start to kick up.  THEN - we get REAL cold Sunday with a high hitting -6 AT MIDNIGHT. Most of the day Sunday will be in the -10 range so shoveling will be a JOY with -25 wind chills.

The good news is after 2 or 3 days of another intense cold spell it looks like "we" have temporary drained the arctic swamp of cold  . . . at least for a few days.

If this was summer I would be looking at an inch of rain this weekend. This weekend is the top news maker for NOAA for the next 5 days.


Hey - the new Columbus channel.

Columbus 980 News December 2016 from Columbus Wisconsin on Vimeo. asdasd


54% of Americans have not heard any news at all about "Alt-Left" (also called neo-nazi's).  And you wonder how Trump got elected?  Of course something like 54% of Americans didn't vote so . . . .

The interesting thing is that six of Trumps billionaire posse donated over $11 million dollars to his campaign. And now they are in his Cabinet.

I'm not saying that is a bad thing . . . just informational only (I don't want to piss off my Trump friends).


I'm in the process of taking glamour shots of a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Marshall and on the way home last night I came across some bales of straw.  Bales of straw FOR ME, are to capture (even when they are standing still - ba ba boom) as they need something else to go with them.  Like sunsets they need something else to go with them.

BUT - the lighting was wonderful and the snow did the trick.

 Inside the house were all sorts of cool things to capture.   FORKS

It was explained to me that forks are useful for spearing things when cooking and testing potatoes.

My buddy Elwood has a fork.  Maybe I'll get him another one for Christmas.

More on the house as I get more into it.  Sort of a meet and greet yesterday.


Nuff said!!