Thursday, December 29, 2016

Post Christmas blog

So I've been keeping my head down trying to stay out of trouble but the other week I was in the Columbus Walgreens and a guy buying something at the counter had a revolver stuck in the middle of his back.  I was sort of shocked as it's something I didn't expect to see.

It was right there, not hidden or anything, not in a holster, but stuck in his pants in the small of his back.  I was unsure of what I should do.  I've had one of those things stuck in my face during a robbery at Wilcox Wine and Liqueur in Madison as I was being robbed a few decades ago, so I was not really scared or anything (had some crazy dreams though), been there done that but what the hell should I have done.

I wanted to grab it but then I figured nothing good would come of that!  SO - since no one else seemed alarmed (except for a couple people that turned around and walked out when I pointed it out). I just kept an eye on the guy and located the exits!

SO - what is the correct procedure for this.  I personally think anyone carrying a concealed weapon lacks testosterone as he must always be frightened. The new bill going through the WI government to allow students to carry weapons is ludicrous and just plain ignorant.  Let's see, college where many young people have their first taste of REAL mental stress breakdowns AND where binge drinking is common . . .yea . . .let's allow them to carry weapons . . . what could possibly go wrong.

Freaking morons in Wisconsin Government.  


Here is some news I can share.  The "official" vote has not been taken yet but since we gave the DOT the orders. . . .the road from the Hospital to Faith Drive will be redone in 2018 and will include bike lanes and we're getting a freaking good deal. Seems the DOT does not want to deal with a highway that goes into our city so they will repave the road at 1/10th the cost if we take control of it afterword. A savings of about $400,000.

This past year "we" have saved a LOT of money on purchases that would have been needed sooner or later.  I'm pretty proud of the Columbus fiscal responsibility the last few years.  Now we need to find more places to build homes as we are running out of space AND we need to make Columbus more family friendly which we have not done yet (bike paths?).


DJ and I watched Interstellar last night! WOW - what a freaking adventure. Beautiful movie and very VERY thought provoking. Long movie but we could not take our eyes off the "what happens next" flick. First part is almost like "Signs" (one of my favorite movies) last part was a little like "2001:Space Odyssey" while the middle is a Space adventure. Bravo!!


I'm in a quandary with books. To many good ones all at the same time.  "If I Never Get Back: A Novel" about an accidental time traveler going back to 1869, the beginning of baseball.  I'm also reading "Killing the  Rising Sun" Co-written by Bill O'Reilly, this decades Stephen Ambrose  for reliving history.  I'm not a fan of the guy but MAN he is a good writer.

Speaking of Stephen Ambrose (he wrote "Band of Brothers").  I mentioned to my mom once about how I liked this author.  She said "yes, he was good and his father fixed my teeth".  There was silence while I digested what she just said . . . . . ." his dad fixed your teeth?"  I said.  "Yes" . . . .and she went onto a different conversation.

I let it go as some oddball weirdo memory she had and then I looked and . . . his dad was a dentist in Whitewater, where she lived.   NO FREAKING WAY!!!

Anyway - great but gritty book. I read "Killing Patton" and will end up reading all the "killing" books which are not about "killing" but more about the history leading up to the demise.  I do believe Patton was murdered by the then CIA.

DJ and I watched Patton on Christmas, she loved the movie.

I'm also reading Monstress , a graphic novel I picked up at Cardinal Comics.  An art-deco steampunk horror novel, It's illustrated by Sana Takeda from Madison.  

I have words for the right mood . . when I'm not reading a manual.


No more Fanduel.  We flunked out last week and this week so many teams are not playing to win we're going to skip it.

Ended up with a good year.


This weekend I'm helping Elwood on a resume and cover letter for a GREAT job he SHOULD get.

He has worked for Clean Power for 20 years (they can't get rid of him).  Every time they reduce his hours the place he cleans puts up a stink.

Now he has an opportunity to  clean at a place with vacation time, profit sharing, sick days good wages, friendly and yada yada.  PLUS, they have a very hard time hiring millennials who just don't like working that hard at cleaning (the same ones that do not know how to read an analog clock probably).

If he gets this it would literally be a life changer for a very very bright underachiever.


A lot of people are losing sleep over politics but I read something today about our MAYBE new Secretary of State.  Seems social conservatives are not to happy with the guy.  He led the fight to allow openly gay people into the Boy Scouts and is a huge donater to Planned Parenthood.  ExxonMobil has a sky high rating for Corporate Equality Index.   Just sayin . . .

Also - if you are looking for ANYTHING positive . . . besides Obama calling Trump up and reaming him a new asshole yesterday (which I'm pretty sure is what happened as Trump changed his tone) is that Trump has been calling out cost overruns with the military.  A fraud can spot a fraud . . .see?  it's a positive thing having a fraud in the Gold House.

OH - I won't even go into how yesterday Trump took credit for the current economy and how it has been really clicking for the last 8 years.


If you are looking to invest in the coming cannabis explosion look into AMMJ, American Cannabis Co. They are a consulting group that helps business navigate through the myriad of regulations and knows all the in's and out's of growing operations.   OH - they are still a "penny" stock with huge swings but every time  a new State comes online their base price goes up.  92 cents at this moment. They were in the 10 cent range before the last group of States came on board. Their base looks to be in the 75 cent range now

There are a few others I'm watching including one business that, like the Gold Rush, makes the picks and shovels for grow houses. Remember, it was not the gold diggers that made the fortunes, it was the companies that sold the gold diggers the picks and shovels.


Anybody play  Forge of Empires?  It's a free online game that is like Civilization but with real people instead of AI.  Just started yesterday.  The nice thing is that you can only play for maybe 30 minutes because once you do something it has to do it's thing in real time.  No sitting down for 7 hours to play a game.  It's little spurts during the day.  


Weather - a pretty large glob of arctic air is making it's way towards Wisconsin, a week off yet. No big storms to speak of  except for a large rain event Monday.