Friday, December 30, 2016

Trump - my New Years prediction to be taken with a grain of salt.

So the coronation of Donald Trump is nearing and people continue to quit the bands and choirs that are suppose to play.  Personally I tell myself that I will not watch it because something more important will be on TV . . . like reruns of Mr. Ed or something.  But I will.  Just like I sometimes turn on Rush Limbaugh to get a laugh and then 5 minutes later I switch it off in disgust at his ignorance and then I'm mad for the next few hours.    

So what I hope for and like what Patton did,  I will pray to the weather Gods for a very blustery and rainy day so The Donald has to wear his red cap as he is being sworn in.

I doubt he will make it all 4 years (I truly do) and I can see him having a heart attack because his Doctor failed to actually take his pulse and blood pressure.

There will be a HUGE ceremony and a golden casket flanked with 500 white horses being ridden with beautiful hotties will parade down Pennsylvania Avenue and citizens of the US applaud (for their own reasons).  100,000 white doves will be released and as they fly over the golden casket flanked with 500 white horses being ridden with beautiful hotties,  cannons will fire of a 21 gun salute scaring the doves which will then release their glands over the onlookers spreading thousands of pounds of white goo over the parade.

Oddly, mirroring what happened to Hitler at the opening of the Nazi German Olympics in 1936.


So I have been running this NBA system for 4 years now on a different social network and the only reason I mention this is that as of last night, the lifetime numbers are 210 wins and 122 losses for a    63.2% which is freakishly outstanding.

I was banned for life on a major sports forum 2 years ago for saying I could beat 60% (I guess I bragged a little to much saying I was the best so they banned me saying NOBODY could beat 60% consistently . . . so I started my own forum).    

And this year so far?  31 and 18   63.2%  THAT my friend is consistency. And I'm not a big NBA fan at ALL.  Have not watched a game this year that did not have the Bucks playing.

A lot of people do what is called proportional betting where they bet 7 to 10% of their bankroll on each play and readjust everyday.  


Weather - nothing real exciting happening that is out of the ordinary. Colder weather coming next week but nothing that is HIDEOUS - normal winter stuff.


Have a fantastic New Year and let's pray that 2017 . . . will not be our last.  It is a Prime number year you know!  The last one for 10 years.