Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Harry's and the media

Remember, when real facts prove you wrong and make you look stupid, just use alternative facts instead.

tyrants throughout history have tried (and some successfully) to control the press using four time tested techniques.

1. Berate the media - turn the public against the media calling ALL press and media names. When Donald blatantly lies he calls out the media and says THEY are the ones lying, that are SCUM.

2. Limit access. Donald does not hold news conferences and has already banned some networks from the Press Room.  He no longer allows the media to travel with him and restricts knowledge so we don't even know who he is meeting with.  For instance, he has had a 1 on 1 phone conversation with Putin and the only way Americans would know this is that The Kremlin reported it.

3. Threaten the media - Donald has threatened the media saying if they continue to post his remarks in a bad way he will sue them for liable. He has promised to open up liable laws so when he sues he can win lots and lots of money.

4. By pass the media altogether and go right to the public. Tweet tweet tweet and victory rallies so he can communicate his alternate facts directly to supporters.

Media comes from the word intermediate - a go-between between the powerful and the non-powerful. Media holds the powerful accountable for their actions - YET - our new government is going the opposite way and threatening the media. Trump wants to get rid of the media because they keep correcting his blatant lies.

This is literally one of the saddest periods in American history.

In other news


And then there are the Packers - yea - you can only roll the dice so many times with so many injuries. Super Bowl teams are normally the healthy ones . . or at least the ones with injuries spread out, not ALL in one position.

Great run, lots of fun . . move along.


I ran out of blades for my Mach3 razor and because I'm like a crow and an drawn to shiny objects I ordered a free Harry's Razor.  I'm being serious - best shave I have had in a long long time.  I only shave like 2 or 3 times a week at most (more then I comb my hair) so I have the $3 subscription where I get a new blade like once every couple months but seriously, I was impressed.  There is a trimming blade on top that is outstanding.   Thumbs up.

Like our new Shark Rocket vacuum.  DJ said she never thought a new vacuum would be this exciting but she is totally amazed.

Technology is great . . yea - it puts people out of work but so did the steam shovel and we survived.


 A school friend of a friend wrote a very very good article. Instead of skimming the first few paragraphs I actually read the entire thing - wonderful!  More pro America then anti-Trump.


Have a nice snow storm - you will need to shovel this one - no melting a few days later.   I expect 3-5 but there could be much heavier bands as this seems to be moving south (meaning more snow for us) and intensifying.